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2013 Reading Challenge
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The Millionaire's Games (The Full Series)

The Millionaire's Games (The Full Series) - Helen    Cooper "You made me believe in true love. In the purity of a woman's heart and soul. I never thought that there were soul mates before I met you."

What a twisted book this was, lol. I sorta have trouble putting my reaction in words but I'll try.

"Your are a first class fool, Louise; trust me, no good will come of this."

The book starts out with Louise out on a date with Ben. He's convincing her to come to his family home for the weekend to meet his family. Louise is hesitant because she is bored with Ben and wants to break up with him, but there are situations that I have prevented her from growing a pair and just getting over with it. They are out on a date and she asks to go to the movies and since it wasn't a movie he wanted to see he gives her $20 and leaves her on her own to see it, and this isn't the first time he has pulled this act. THAT RIGHT THERE WAS HER TIME TO DUMP THE JERK, but she doesn't. Anyhow, when picked up by the limo to go for their weekend trip Louise is instantly drawn to Ben's brother David. She wonders how she ended up with the boring brother when clearly her and David share some spark. But nothing compares to the spark she has when she meets Richard, Ben's oldest brother, except its not the same kind of spark she has for David. Sure he's hot just like his brothers but he's annoying, arrogant, and says horrible things to her. But he gives her the excuse and the courage to dump Ben. This leaves her in the clear to explore her spark with David, except she goes to the wrong room. I want to tell so much more, but this being a short story I would give too much away and it would spoil it.

"So Louise, may I touch your hair? It looks soft. It's beautiful and long enough to pull on during sex."

Louise goes through the weekend being constantly hit on by brothers. Sometimes I was screaming at her to get out of there. She loses one job, gains another, makes a deal, has lots and lots of sex, and gets her heart broken more than once. This book was extremely hot, just sometimes she got so wrapped up in looks and all of her dignity flew out the door. This was three short stories combined into one longer story. I definitely recommend it as an in between book for someone looking for one steamy story. Lots of angst, steamy scenes and at times you will want to scream at either Louise for allowing herself to be done the way she was, or at the brothers for being jerks.

"Most gold diggers try and keep a skinnier figure than you do. I applaud you for breaking out of the mold."

But as many stories go, there's always more to the story and once you realize the truth some people come shine in a different light.