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2013 Reading Challenge
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London Lace, #5 (London Lace, #5)

London Lace, #5 (London Lace, #5) - Catou Martine HOLY BATMAN, EFFFing A!!!

This book was scorching hot. Like this whole series was scorching but this last book, WOWZA!! I think this review will be more for the whole series.

Eliza and Todd started out way back when, in book one, being set up by a friend, they didn't have a good first initial meeting, but after a drunken phone call Todd shows up at Eliza's home to make a point and they ended up in bed. They both realized something more was happening between them and he asks her to come to the races with him. This starts the whole series. From jealous ex's to a huge scandal, Eliza is thrown into a confusing ride with Todd. Both have histories they haven't gotten completely over yet, Eliza especially. Todd is famous due to being apart of the famous Montgomery family and hotter than hot, so he is constantly being followed and photographed which leads to more misunderstandings between them, but they always seem to talk everything out. And once its all talked out it leads to hot scorching sex. I'm talking in horse stalls, train cars, BJ's while driving down the road, a accidental menage, and a really sweet beach romp, not to mention the hotter than hot sex these two had in front of the fireplace. Of course they did use a bed some too, lol. :)

I loved the series. Todd was a really deep guy and I enjoyed getting to know him. He had so much patient in the end with Eliza. Eliza had some deep routed issues but I thought she did well considering everything she had to endure to be with Todd.

Go pick these books up. It's a really good read and hot short story series and perfect to fit in for an in between read.