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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Inescapable Eye of the Storm

Inescapable Eye of the Storm - Sarah O'Rourke Smoking Hot Short Story

Wowza!!! I got this hot little number as a freebie as advertised I believe from Facebook. This went above and beyond some one night stand hot sex...

Colin Storm and Abigail Donovan are in a work related trip when a hurricane blows in. Colin is Abby's boss and all the hotels are full forcing them to stay together in a room. The storm is making Abby scared so Colin asks how she got through the last storm she had been in. She tells him with distraction by lots of sex. Next thing you know Colin is offering her that same distraction and wow oh wow what a distraction it was. This was so hot!!

I guess I could say the only thing that was disappointing was that they confessed they had always wanted each other and the reader doesn't find out if they actually try to start a relationship or if it ends up just being a one night stand with the boss.

But if your looking for something short to pass the time or just a hot little number, I highly recommend.