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Re-read Review
Well, I must say I believe this series was better the second go around. Not that I didn't love it before, but the second time I did a buddy read with my girls, which was a blast, and I already knew to be watching out for certain characters before their own books came up. I can remember thinking the first time, oh how Luke, Mace and Hector needed their own books before I got around to them and how excited I was when I found out they were getting their own. I feel redundant because I say over and over that I wish so bad these characters were real and how I could hang with them and be in their click, but it is the complete truth. I've been re-reading these for so long now that I feel like I'll be lost when I get done with the series, lol. I'm sure I'll survive but I've been used to being in KA world while doing this reread. But next I'll be onto Ally's story and I haven't read that one yet so I get to read a new KA book. ROCK ON!!!

First Review Written Jan, 2013.
Awe, another great Rock Chick book!! I'm so sad this series is coming to an end. Only one more to go. :(

This book really started out different from the rest. Hector and Sadie had already met before in a very tense situation. Hector was undercover trying to take Sadie's dad down, which he accomplished by the way. While undercover Sadie and Hector had one heated moment that did not end well. Both had felt the chemistry between them but had not gone furthur because of the situation. Now months later, what Sadie doesn't know is Hector has been waiting for Sadie to come to him. Instead she comes to Lee asking to hire protection. Turned away because she didn't have decent evidence to prove she is in danger Sadie leaves knowing she is in immense trouble. Later that night she is beat and raped. She drives herself back to Nightingale Investigations. Hector and Luke are called and she is taken to the hospital. Hector knows instantly he is going to claim her his but Sadie isn't to easy to convince into this arrangement. And so the story begins.

I felt horrible for Sadie. What she had to go through and the way she had grown up. She had to learn how to trust, to have normal relationships and deal with intense life situations. Hector went through it all with her helping her and trying the best he could to lead the way. He was so sweet, caring, and understanding to her. She wasn't easy to crack, but he finally got through to her.

"What I can see with that man, the safety bar is locked tight, put your hands straight up and enjoy the ride."

This book, like the others had all kinds of exciting stuff going on. Stun guns, Shoot outs, kidnapping, hilarious conversations from Tex and Shirleen, crazy families and friendships everyone would be more than lucky to have. Like I have stated before in prior Rock Chick books reviews these books have made me want to pack up and head to Denver so I can find some trouble, hire Lee and the Hot Bunch and then go to Fortnums drink some of Tex's coffee and become a Hot Chick. This series for me has moved right up to the top of my favorite series and I'm prepared to read and re-read them over and over again.