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2013 Reading Challenge
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Rock Chick Reckoning - Kristen Ashley Re-read September 17, 2013

"The worst part of breaking up with you was you lettin' me walk away. It was so good between us, I didn't think in a million fuckin' years you'd let me walk away."

Oh man!! This series is awesome!! I have loved re-reading it and can totally see me reading it again someday!! This book still is my second fave of the series. No one can compare to my love for Lucas Stark, but Mace is for sure a close second. Something about those men who are badass but have demons haunting them that get me every time. Of course I also love the silent type guys who only say the bare minimum but when they give it to you, be prepared, because it's honest and straight to the point. LOVE LOVE LOVE this type of story. I loved getting all of the POV's from the other characters, which ultimately may be part of the reason why I love this book so much. Getting into all of my other fave's characters heads again was just a happy bonus. I will say again, the scene where Stella sings Black to Mace is just epic for me. I'm not sure why but it just stands out for me and like I think I've already said below, the way KA wrote that it was like I was there, in the audience watching it. KA AWESOMENESS!!!! If you haven't read this series you are totally missing out. Believe me. I've read all but Ally's story and the second time around it's just as good as the first!! :) In the words of KA....ROCK ON!! :)

First Read Review January 15, 2013
Let me just start by saying I am so sad I'm getting close to the end of this series. I still have two books left but I have come to love these characters so much, I will miss spending time with them in Fortnum's sipping coffee and gossiping. These characters have truly touched my heart.

This book was Mace and Stella's story. Stella is lead singer of the Blue Moon Gypsie's. 3 in the morning one her members call her in frantic needing help. She rushes to his side, to find there is nothing she can do to help and besides that the cops have beat her there including 2 of HOT BUNCH guys, one of them being Mace. Mace broke Stella's heart a year ago. Not having time to process what's going on, bullets start flying one hitting Stella. In that moment it is the beginning of war. The Hot Bunch vs Sid Carter. Carter has not only shot Stella but also shot at all of the Rock Chicks in different locations at the same time. Stella's isn't sure how she got drug into this seeing as she is not a Rock Chick or with one of the HOT BUNCH. Mace realizes he is still in love with Stella and starts trying to get her back in the HOT BUNCH bossy way. Stella has to protect herself, this guy has broke her heart just like everyone else in her life and knows she can NOT let him back in. Losing him again will destroy her. And as Rock Chick books go the story begins.


There is so much drama in this story. A bad guy Sid Carter is after Lee and the boys, but taking is aim out on the Rock Chicks to send a message to them. Mace is dealing with a very dark past that he is keeping from Stella. Mace's dad is coming after Lee and Stella to get to Mace. The assistant DA decides to not help Lee and in turn goes after Shirleen, Jules, Lee and whoever he can take down. Tex gets kidnapped and rescues himself by blowing the building up he was being held in. Indy and Lee's wedding is all of the chaos of this. Plus, Mace and Stella trying to work out their relationship.


I have to say my favorite scene in this whole book was the scene between Mace and Stella in the bar. Stella knows she has to protect her heart from Mace. She has to send him the message that it is over to please stop his pursuits and leave her be. Her best way of expression is through her music. So as a surprise last song she sings Black by Pearl Jam directly to him. The crowd grows quiet listening. Stella looses herself in the song. She opens her eyes to see Mace coming toward the stage. He steps up grabs her guitar and twists it behind her, wraps his arms around her dips her back and kisses her right on stage. The crowd is shocked but gets into and starts cheering, all the while the ending music of the song is played around them. I have to say, this scene completely got me. A GR friend, Kellie, had mentioned before I got to, but I was completely unprepared for the feelings it would give me. KA wrote this scene perfectly. NEVER, have I been able to picture a scene like this scene in my mind. I literally had tears running down my face. It was pure perfection and completely beautiful.

"You didn't get it,"Stella whispered.
I really really needed him to get it. But he didn't understand that he turned my world to black and he didn't didn't get it that I couldn't go through that again.
"No, Kitten, you don't get it," Mace whispered back.
"Let me go, Mace."
Instead he spoke. And what he said with the background soundtrack of the repeating end notes of a soul-destroying rock song changed my fucking life.
"I can't be the star in your sky when you're the only star left shining in mine."
That was right before the gunshots rang out.


I can't really say much more about this series than what I already have in the previous reviews. All of the characters have touched my heart. There is a little bit for everyone. Love, Friendships through thick and thin, angst, steam, suspense, thrilling moments, characters that have you rolling around laughing. I just can't say enough. If you haven't read it, your missing out. Bump it up your list. You will NOT be disappointed. :)