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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Rock Chick Revenge  - Kristen Ashley Meet my Luke! YUM!


Reread on 9/11/13
I still feel exactly the same way I felt the first time I read this book, only I'm even more in love with Luke now!! Ava too, but let's be honest, none of us care about anything more than Luke here, lol!!! No Seriously!! I must say, this has been my favorite book of this series. I've read all of these once back in January except Ally's, and there just isn't a comparison to Lucas Stark. I love when alpha men are blunt, straight to the point, but sorta the lethal silent type as well. I have loved all of the Hot Bunch and Rock Chicks, but for me, Luke and Ava will always hold a special place in my heart. :)

Original Review written January 2013
Luke Stark has ruined me for all other book boyfriends. After meeting him a few times in the other previous books, I was really looking forward to him getting his own story, WOW, there is no comparison to him. BY FAR, my favorite book of this series so far. I am in LOVE with Luke Stark. Literally, I could go on and on.

"Ava Babe, I'm tellin' you, you're gonna admit you belong to me because you belong to me."
"Luke, please, let me go home."
"No fuckin' way."

Luke and Ava are just perfect. The story begins with Ava coming to Luke to ask for help with her friends crazy soon to be ex-husband. Ava has some insecurity problems not to mention she has decided to hate men from now on. Luke and Ava had grown up across the street from each other as kids until Luke graduated and gone. The last time they had spoken was when his father had died and she promised a beer later, but later never came. NOT because of Luke, because of something Ava overheard. So now it's new Ava and new hotter Luke and as in all the Rock Chick books, a good dose of trouble.

We get more of the Rock Chick crew, more of the newly named HOT BUNCH, (yum) plus a side dose this time of car chases, kidnappings, and a hostage situation. Not to mention Ava had a crazy ex who Luke went after that seriously backfired. And let me just say the way Luke and Ava handled that situation was perfection.

Of course we get all of the hilarity out of this installment just like the others. Smithie finds himself tree'd with two dogs standing guard. Tex still yells at the customers and plays favorites on who is next in line and the girls still like all of their shopping, gossiping, and bad ideas. It was just the most awesome book. So awesome, I don't really know how to move on to the next one.

"This is the way it is for us right now. I know you fixed this place up but I'm not givin' up the loft so we're gonna have to work somethin' out about where we live, eat, sleep, and fuck. We last, you're gonna have to give up the Range Rover, they're dangerous because they roll easy and I don't like you drivin' it. We go the distance, we're havin' a small wedding, I'm not fuckin' dancin' and I want three kids, all boys, but if we have a girl she's not datin' until she's twenty-five, especially if she looks like you, got me?-Luke
ummm, yea, I would have jumped him.

This man was sex on a stick the entire book. Doesn't beat around the bush and says exactly what he wants and does it. OMG, the guy wanted payments and punishments and I was trying to get in between him and Ava and take her them for her, seriously!! I was beggin' for my chance at a "Luke Lip Fog".


I will end this with I want more Luke and Ava!! I am starting a petition!! I need more Luke and Ava. Who's with me?!?!?!?!