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2013 Reading Challenge
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Men of Steel (Men of Steel, #1) - M.J. Fields Omg, so I was half way done with my review and my computer decided it needed to reconfigure and it shut itself down, so that was it zip....GONE!! Got to hate it when that happens, so this one may be shorter.

This book completely confused me. I'm serious. By the cover and the name, I automatically assumed it was going to be about some badass MAN, maybe ex-army or something who refinds his best friends sister that he always secretly crushed on or something and then feel in love or something. Yes, I read the blurb, but I still got that impression by the name MAN of Steel, and then that cover,...smh. That's not what it was.

First I will start off by saying I'm not bashing the authors work. That's not how I roll. I know the author worked hard on their work and this probably just wasn't for me because I had something else already pictured in my head. It probably doesn't help that I'm in the middle of a re-read of the Rock chicks by Kristen Ashley. Those type of guys just automatically are already in my head, I suppose. However, I do want to get a little bit out of how I feel about it.

Jase was hot. NO, he wasn't what I was prepared for, but he still had an impact on me. He was blunt, tattooed, pierced in several places, yum, cocky, and Italian. Who could turn him down? However, he came off, as this badass, bossy guy and then instantly turned into a mush. Don't get me wrong, I love it when the badasses turn all soft for their women and this was a short story, but we're talking like page 8 he was a mush. I just wish he would've held onto his bossiness a little longer.

Carly......Carly is a whole other story, and honestly I could make the whole review about her. When the story first started I assumed this chick was a freshman in high school. I actually wondered what Jase saw in her at all. But then, OMG,...then I found out she was actually almost a senior, I think, in college. This did not fit. I mean what college girl has a 10:00 curfew?? And, doesn't know how to use Nair. The virgin thing didn't bother me at all, it was all the other things she was so naive about that left me confused about her character. I don't mind a little bit of naivety and even a girl who is a little bit dingy, but I seriously want to know, how has she made it this far in college?? lol!! I don't know, it's a lot to explain, to put it simple, I just didn't get her.

To sum everything up, I couldn't get with the dialogue, the storyline really didn't make sense to me, I mean it seemed the story was just picking up and it just ended. I'm not sure if I'll read the next one or not at this moment. I'm curious as hell, but at the same time, not sure if I want to go there again. it's supposed to be longer and I barely got through this one so I'm not sure.