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2013 Reading Challenge
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Shine Not Burn - Elle Casey "Luceo non uro."

Okay, so this book completely surprised me. A while ago this book was all over my feed. I couldn't remember exactly what had been said but I remembered everyone liked it. When I was picking out an in between book to read in between buddy reads, this one caught my attention on my short list, but at the same time I was still a little hesitant to read it. I mostly think that was because I was more in the mood for more of a suspenseful book and this one didn't exactly fit the category, but ended up deciding to go with it. I'm happy to say it pulled me in and kept me there and I really enjoyed it.


The book starts out with Andie trying to decide if she wants to go to her friends bachelorette party in Vegas. Of course she's talked into it by her co-worker and friends. Before she ever even leaves she decides the trip is going to be a disaster because of her jerk of a boyfriend. Once she gets there and her friends get her to loosen up a little bit she decides that maybe for one night she can let loose and have some fun. OH AND FUN SHE HAD. She gets totally plastered, wears clothes she would never consider wearing, gets a new hairdo, learns to play poker, and oh yeah has wild monkey sex all night long with the hottest cowboy she has ever scene. However the next morning she wakes up with no memory of the night except flashbacks of hot sex and Mack is gone. She accepts that it was a one night deal and goes on with her life never looking back. Two years later, she's trying to marry another jerk when she finds out whoopsie, she already is married to a man in Oregon for which she has no memory of marrying. If her fiance ever finds out about this her whole lifeplan will go down the drain and everything she has ever worked for will be ruined. SO of course she runs off in secret to find this man and get a divorce without him ever knowing.

"What I have going through my mind is that I don't want this to end. There's something about you that's just lassoed my heart or my common sense or something and I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to get it back until you let it go. You're something special. Didn't you feel it? The way we fit together so perfectly?"


Okay, so let me just say Mack was a scorcher. I mean wow, the things he said and the things he did. YUM~MY!!! That scene where they consummated their marriage, HOLY PANTY CHANGE!! SERIOUSLY HOT!!! I loved how he was determined to change her mind no matter what but didn't overly try at the same time to do it. Sometimes the less he said or did, or just leaving all together was more effective than arguing with Andie.


Speaking of Andie, Sometimes, Andie could get a little bit on my nerves, only because she was so much in denial and tried fighting things so much it made me exhausted. I really do appreciate how she turned her life around when she was younger and made something of herself but she really was WAY uptight. I loved that Mack could loosen her up and bring out literally the best in her.

"Don't wait for me." I said, resting my head on the door.
"Don't make me wait too long this time," he said. Ignoring the double meaning in my words.
"Why can't you just let me go?"
"I can't let you go because you're mine. And because I can't stand to see you sad. I'm going to fix that. You sure you don't need me in there right now? I could cheer you up real quick, I promise."

I can say I expected a little more of a ruckus out of Hannah after what happened with Bradley. I kept waiting for Mack to put her in her place too but it never happened. At least not the way I thought he would.

The Epilogue was so cute. I loved it. I was sorta wondering if there would be another book about Ian. I really felt sorry for him and what happened and he kinda got left hanging in the end. Hopefully he'll get a happily ever after as well and preferably not with Ginny. She seems like a bitch. :)