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Okay, Okay, I sorta feel bad for ever putting a negative status update out there about this book. YES, especially in the begining, there were massive similarities to this book and FSOG, Bared to You, and even This Man. It was like some major smashed together version of Deja vu. I normally don't really mind similarities and wouldn't even mention it, but geez there were a lot, and I feel it's worth mentioning so people are prepared for it. It sorta made me unable to get into the story for a while. But then somewhere things stopped being so similar and I really, really got wrapped in. Yes, there were still some similarities but I still liked it.

Meet Carter Morgan...

"I love you, even if you are the most stubborn woman on earth. I can't help but love you."

Billionaire CEO. He's sexy as all hell. Always has a model on his arm, has homes in Aspen, NYC, and Boston. He's used to getting what he wants and isn't used to getting told no. At a charity event he meets Evangeline Austin.

"I want to Carter. I want to survive it. Please, let's survive it. Tell me you still want to. I just...I don't think I can live without you."

She had just moved to Boston with her best friend Cate when she met Carter. She is a fashion blogger and really comfortable with her independence, so when Carter starts making his move on her, she isn't so easy to give in. But they have an unexplainable pull that neither can resist so only a few days after meeting, Eva gives in and goes to an event with Carter and then ends up going home with him. mmmhmmmm...



Carter has instantly decided that Eva is the one for him, but convincing her is the hard part. At every turn Eva's insecurity makes itself known as Carter's past seems to show up. The strong pull they have between each other makes them crazy for each other. They go up and down. From being insanely in love, having sex in all sorts of places, to driving each other crazy and having angry sex in all sorts of places. We're talking public restroom, coat closets, up against office windows, hoods of cars, these two are insatiable, and that's only a few of the places. But the strong pull leads them to make a huge rash decision that seems wonderful at first, but ends up being a struggle they have to fight together.


"I'm so lucky. I'll never forget how lucky I am to have you, Evangeline. Not for a single day of my life."


Since this is a short story series, I feel that is really all I can say without spoiling. I really liked this series. Yes, as I have mentioned there are similarities with other books out there, but it also has its own punch too. The sex between these two was scorching hot and I loved Carter. He was over the top alpha, controlling, possessive, and sometimes overreacted to situations, but I loved him and all his craziness all the same. Eva was the same way. Sometimes I wanted to grab her and shake her. Sometimes she could be completely mature and rational and then others I would be like, "WTH??" LOL, but in the end, they were indeed perfect for each other. I definitely recommend the read, especially for people who love the series I mentioned above, just be prepared for the deja vu moments. :)


And here's the first chapter from Carter's POV. Enjoy!!