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2013 Reading Challenge
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Rock Chick Renegade - Kristen Ashley 9/4/13 Reread!!
I can't add on to my previous review much. I think second time around this series is even more special to me. I have fallen in love with all of these characters all over again and want to move to Denver even more in search of these perfectly imperfect characters and become apart of their gang. They are crazy, loud, always getting into trouble, and never completely safe. They don't go through life following the rules and always are in each others business, but they are a family. They look out for each other no matter what and even in the worse of times they know they can rely on each other. They truly love one another and would give up their own lives to protect each other. If only these people really existed, lol, I would be working at Fortnum's getting into the excitement with them. Now, on that note, I have loved every single one of these stories, EVERY ONE, but My MAN LUKE is next and you would think it was my first time to read his story and it was a hot new release with how excited I am to reread it. As KA says,.....Rock On!!! :)

1/12/13 First Read
WOW, Kristen Ashley has done it again. I just can't rave enough about this series. I am having so much fun reading it.


Vance and Jules were so much fun to read about. Jules is a social worker who has lost too many people in her life. When one of her kids from the shelter where she works gets killed she sorta looses her mind and goes on the track of revenge. In the middle of the day, in the middle of the street right outside of Fortnum's she and one of her enemies have somewhat of a shootout. After she shoots out all of his tires she fleeds the scene. Of course being right in front of Fortnum's most of Nightingale's Investigations were there along with a few of our favorite cops. This is where Vance and Jules "Law" first meet.

Jules was a total badass. She learned to shoot, and protect herself plus she was packing a serious attitude. OMG, there is a scene where Vance and Jules are out to dinner and one of his ex's show up and she totally takes her down, literally and that isn't the only time she takes down that ex.

"I said you must have been one of those easy things Vance told me about. You know, easy pieces of ass. Before he met me",Jules said to Jules.

"You did not just say that to me," Jackie said.

"I sure did," Jules shot back.

"Jackie, I wouldn't rile Jules," Vance decided to put in.

"You calling me easy?" Jackie ignored Vance.

"Have you slept with Vance?" I asked, even though I knew.

"It was the best night of my life." Jackie said.

"It's good you'll have that memory," Jules stated calmly.

"You bitch!" she screamed. Then she came at Jules, hand out, probably to grab my hair. I planted my feet, caught her wrist and flipped her on her back on the floor without barely moving.

Plus she gets some one on one training with Luke and he takes her out on patrol and she single handedly takes down a huge furry pimp and two of his hoes. Vance is, as Tex would say, a badass motherf@cker. He takes Jules under his protection. Then he takes a piece of Jules for himself and really really likes that he gets to keep that part of her with him. Especially since he had a bad childhood and considered that he had never really ever owned anything for himself.


Of course all of the gang was back. We added a few more naturally. And in the end just like always they were there backing each other no matter what. That's what family is all about and that's what they are one big family. Of course, every family has one nutcase and this one is no different. Tex was back in a roaring way, yelling at customers, trying to get into some of the excitement, and maybe even getting into some mischief himself.

"Tex shrink-wrapped a dealer's BMW. Wrapped the whole think in plastic wrap and then used a portable blow drier on it to tighten the plastic. Word has it, it was several layers deep.

The ending of this book, wow!! INTENSE!! I loved getting the mini POV's of so many characters. And poor Vance I felt so bad for him. I'm really glad how everything worked out and once again can't wait for the next installment. :)