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2013 Reading Challenge
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Thoughtless - S.C. Stephens If words could be caresses, then he was making love to me every time he sang.

I'm obsessed. Completely 100% purely obsessed with this series.

OMG, Third time really is the Charm...

I just finished re-readin this with my smut-ateers Sultan, Vika, and Dana and I felt all of the same emotions this time just like it was my first read instead of my third. The last 15% had me bawling like a baby all over again.

I can't even begin to describe how much I love this series. I am not a fan of triangles only because they wreck havoc on me and I also don't support cheating. But with that being said, that is what book one is about. Denny moves Kiera to Seattle with him for his career. She is 100% completely devoted to him and makes the move to be with him. Everything is perfect until Denny makes a decision to leave Kiera for 2 months for his job. Now, I can see both sides to this story right here. It was only for a short time, and it is his dream job, but she left everything and everyone she knew to move across the country to be with him. Not only does he leave her with a hot rock star that is well known for his "whoring", Denny stops calling. Then makes a huge life altering decision without even talking to her. That is what ultimately drove Kellan and Kiera on together. Yes, in my opinion they had already crossed lines but the ultimate line was crossed. I could kind of get on my soap box about this, but I'll spare you.

The moment Kellan and Kiera realize what has happened, yes, they should have either talked about it and ended it or told Denny, but it spiraled out of control. Kiera drove me crazy. Absolutely all I could think about was punchiing her in her throat. Some of inner turmoil I understood. Nobody ever wants to hurt someone else. I totally felt for her in having to make the decision on when and who to hurt.

Both of these guys were amazing. Denny was so sweet and attentive. He really did have Kiera up on a pedastool. He honeslty thought she could do no wrong and was constantly apologizing for leaving her and complaining about his job. So sweet.

"You are my heart, Kiera."

But then there was Kellan....OMg, Kellan...

So sweet. So sexy and seductive. And once he falls, so damn romantic and sensitive. I just can't get enough of him. And under all that confidence is a lonely broken boy just looking for acceptance and love. Not just looking for craving it, begging for it.

"I need you. Let me do this. I can make you forget him. I can make you forget you."-kellan

During the book, every time Kiera hurt someone it was like a shatter to my heart. I felt horrible for Denny. Absolutely horrible. But for some reason he was so career driven and busy away that it hurt me worse for Kellan. He's so sensitive and she cuts hims so deep each time. During one part, I was actually glad Kellan was sticking it to Kiera, but it still hurt me and made me so anxious because it was so unlike Kellan's nature.

I loved all of the characters in this book. Griffin is a little crazy, loud, outspoken, and a true man whore, but you have to love him. He's exactly what you would expect of a rockstar band. Matt and Evan are more the quiet stand back type but 100% support Kellan and their band. Of course, you see more of that in the next book. Ana drove me apeshit crazy in the begining but by the end I loved her. She supports her sister, stands up for her, takes care of her and ultimately help Kiera get her life back together.

That last 15% of the book. Just heartbreaking over and over. I cried so hard I could hardly read my kindle. When the crack is finally made, it's felt so deep, for all involved. So painful. I felt for all involved. There was no clean break and in the end, everyone was left alone and hurt trying to pick up the pieces.

OMG, so now I am jumping right back into Effortless. It is going to kill me, because Reckless is released tonight and I want to desperately jump right into it, but I want to read them all together. IF you haven't read this series, I demand you do it. Yes, the first book is heartbreaking and makes your nerves twist and bunch and go crazy. BUT, it is an amazing series. One of my most highly anticipated book releases this year and high up at the top of my all time favorites. I would say probably top 3, and those are all a tie. Read it, YOU WON"T REGRET IT!!!