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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Rock Chick - Kristen Ashley Another awesome series/book from Kristen Ashley. I have been seeing awesome things about this series forever, just have never got around to reading it. Since the moment I met Indy and Lee I have been hooked. Totally in love with this series so far.


Indy is one of my favorite heroines to date. She is hilarious, determined, doesn't take crap off of anyone, and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She is awesome. Then there is the very mysterious Lee. Of course during the book we get lots of background on what he does, but he still has that edge about him. He too is very determined and says exactly what he thinks. Once he made his mind up on Indy that was just the way of it. I loved how he just knew she was what he wanted and since they had known each other their entire lives he never once doubted or questioned it, just knew it was time. Very odd for the girl to be the one doubting a relationship. I must admit in that way and in plenty others I felt very connected to Indy in this story.


Indy was trying to be helpful to all involved but would somehow just create more of a mess for even more. Sometimes I myself was even saying, 'chicka aren't you tired of all this trouble, Just do what Lee tells you to do'. I think curiosity and being stubborn always got the best of her. Of course add in a couple kidnappings, a creepy dude declaring war for her, several shootings and car bombings, and one very gruesome yet fun because Tex was there breaking and entering I guess she just couldn't resist.

Of course, there are other awesome characters in this book. Ally, Eddie, Kitty Sue, Tod, Stevie, The Kevster and my very favorite of the secondary characters was TEX. OH my gosh they were all so funny. So, So many funny moments and lines. I felt like I could just keep updating my status with funny lines. I was constantly laughing out loud.

I must say I found the girls night out at the Chinese Restaurant,
Eddie and Indy at Walgreen's, and when Ally and Indy take Hank to "rescue" The Kevster were all hilarious parts. I'm probably even leaving some of those moments out.

"Woman, you think I'm missin' another bar fight or quick draw, you're crazy. I'm comin' out with you tonight. "

"You think people wouldn't pay good money to have a serial killer make them coffee?

"Dude! I had to save the plants! They were dyin'. They didn't do anything wrong. they're innocent. Rosie left them to die. Someone had to save the plants."

I totally completely recommend this book and the series to everyone. You will not be disappointed.