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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Rock Chick Rescue - Kristen Ashley This series is just awesome. First these chicks are crazy hilarious. I want a job at Fortnum's so I can hang out with these guys everyday. I think I'm even okay that they are open 7 days a week. It's like a party everyday and you never know where you are going to end up, plus it has perks of all those damn hot guys hanging around everyday. I also, have always wanted to use a taser gun and hanging out here seems my best chance at that.


Gah, if I had some hot bad ass guy like Eddie offering his protection and his bed and him all together there is no way in hell I would fight it like Jet did.

Once again, one of Fortnum's girls finds herself in a mess that she did not mean to end up in. Taking care of her mom she has no time for anything but working her two jobs. I'm talking no time for friends, guys or a life whatsoever. Then dear ole daddy brings trouble to her doorstep and she is forced into a life she never expected. When knifes started being flashed and bullets start flying Eddie steps in and claims what he has wanted for months. All of a sudden Jet is kidnapped, threatened to be hunted down and told graphically how she is going to be raped. Wanting life to go back to normal Jet goes against what Eddie tells her to do and from Rock Chick gang member to the next finds herself in different situations. (May I just say, Lee has his hands full with Indy, seeing as how she is sometimes the instigator but always always on a ride along in the craziness.)

"I think you best mosey on up ther, pa'dner. He doesn't look like he's gonna wait much longer and I'm not sure you want to know what he'll do when he's done waiting." Ally after the poker adventure where tasers were used.

"Does this plan involve you shoutgun? Jet asked
"Nope", Tex said and I felt some relief then he said, "At least Plan A doesn't."
"What about Plan B?" Jet pressed.
He started walking toward the door. "Let's just hope Plan A works."

The new additions to the gang were awesome. Daisy is just crazy and helped Indy get Jet in some more trouble. Trixie, Ada, Nancy, Lottie, Blanca and the rest of Eddie's family was just all awesome additions.

I just really feel like I'm rambling, so I'll say this is an awesome KA series full of macho alpha men, suspense, hilarious Rock Chicks who get themselves in trouble more than not, and love in the end. Highly recommended if you haven't read it. Can't wait for more.