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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Rock Chick Redemption - Kristen Ashley My re-read was fabulous!!! I can't get enough of these KA alpha men. I think the second time around it's even better!! :) Trucking right along, even though I love Hank and all the HOT BUNCH, I absolutely can't wait to revisit with LUKE!!!! He is my all time fave!!! :)

Original review wrote Jan. 10, 13
SO, my whole review got erased, UGH, that sucks. This one will be shorter. :(

This series is just the "bomb diggity". I have literally laughed my ass off reading certain parts and been so intrigued in others.

I literally want to find Fortnum's, have Tex serve me a "lay-tah" (as Roxie's dad calls them), plan ridiculous plans to hunt down criminals with Indy, Ally, Jet, and Daisy, and chat back in the books with ANY of these hot guys!! The thing I love most about these characters is how much sacrifice they have for each other. Even if someone's troubles leave the other in a "bind", they are there for each other no matter what. Even though sometimes they end up getting in more trouble trying to help you get out of the trouble, they still are trying to help. I want these people to be real, so bad!!

Hank and Roxie's story was incredible. I love how Hank saw her, knew he wanted her, and never turned back.

"Sweetheart," Hank said in a low voice,"You were here to see your uncle until you stepped into Fortnum's and saw me and I saw you. You know it and I know it. You want me to convince you. I'm prepared to do that."

Of course Roxie fought him at every turn, then they would have a "Hank Conversation" and Roxie would get dizzy and then we were back on the fence of what was going on with her life. She didn't ever really have lots of time to decide though, because with bullets flying, being kidnapped and a stalker ex-boyfriend watching you her mind was all over the place.

This story had its dose of Rock Chick hilarity. The haunted house scene cracked me up. Tex, Shirley, Daisy and then Trish, Roxie's mom, had me rolling on the floor laughing. Seriously middle of the night laughing out loud.

(customer chatting on morning in Fortnum's)"What'd I tell you about this place?" one customer said to the other.
"I don't even like coffee and I've decided I'm a regular."the other one said.

I just can't praise this series enough. I feel like everyone of my reviews ramble and say the same thing over and over, but all I can say is if you haven't read it, you for sure are missing out.