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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Undressed - Avery Aster Okay, so it's a little confusing for me to start a series and read them out of order, but it worked, lol. I'm still a little confused about how to rate this book, but having said that, I think I liked this book more than the first.

Lex is struggling to keep her fashion company together. She's been working her ass off to keep it off the ground and has high hopes that with this next Fashion Week everything will pay off. However, her fabric provider has decided last minute he won't be sending her the fabrics. With no other choice, Lex leaves home and heads to Prince Massimo's to try to convince him to send the shipment. Little did she know this business adventure would be life altering, not only for her company but personally as well.

I loved Prince Massimo. He was hot hot hot!! And Lex was strong willed and brave. I got a little confused because some of the things Lex did after her and Massimo got together didn't exactly seem like her, and some of the things Massimo said and did, didn't really seem like a Prince would do. I like them together, just some things that happened felt a little odd for the characters.

I don't want to seem like I'm picking the story apart, it's just some things I noticed, but it was still a good story and I must say I liked it more than the second in the series. :) I think Blake's story should be interesting and can't wait to read it soon! :)