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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Finding Hart - Ella Fox Omg, I have so loved this series from the very beginning and for me each book gets better and better. I love how this family sticks together and supports each other no matter what.

I'm out of time to write a review, I'm off for a somewhat vacation but I didn't want to leave without writing some kind of review.

I can say this book was completely different than the rest of the series. The book before left us hanging on a cliffhanger and this book picks up right after with a little bit of a backstory added in. It was amazing!!

I loved Dominique finally confiding in her sister and Dillon. I think she needed that so bad. I also loved that Dominique had such a bond, a bond that only a twin would have. And the fact that Dominique was willing to give up everything, absolutely positively everything, including her last breaths for her sister and her unborn child. It just goes to prove how much love they had for one another.

Once again, this family has been a favorite of mine from the beginning and I can't wait to get Leah's story. I wish I could write more, but real life has beckoned me for about 2 weeks. I'll say, give this series a chance, it's awesome!!