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2013 Reading Challenge
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Cowgirl Up and Ride - Lorelei James ahhh, so I normally write my reviews right when I finish the book. You know, it's fresh and my thoughts are flowing freely. I'm going to be completely honest, I put this review off, read a short story then read a mind fuck of a book and my thoughts are everywhere but I'm going to be short, lol.

This was Cord and Amy Jo's story. Amy Jo has been in love with Cord since she was five and he helped her. Since then she has put him on this pedastool and basically fawned all over him, but from afar. She's watched him grow older get married, have a kid, move away, come back broken, go through a divorce and basically be the rock of his siblings. Not to mention she had to be in his house and babysit that kid for him over and over. But now she's tired of waiting and she's about to make her move.


Cord is tired. He loves his life, his job, his son, his ranch, but he gets lonely. He doesn't want to admit that because he thinks women are all liars and keeps himself away from them, but with his son gone to visit his mom he realizes just how lonely he can get. Once out, he spots this sexy girl across the floor and starts imagining doing dirty things with her, until he realizes his dirty thoughts have been about his sister's best friend and son's babysitter which is also too young for him, however he can't stop the thoughts especially when little Amy Jo makes him an offer he can't refuse.


Ahh this book was so good. Cord and Amy Jo burn up the sheets and when they find their deal being almost done they can't stop thinking about each other. I felt sorry for Amy Jo, she had loved this man her whole life and he had never noticed her, not like that anyway, but that was the least of her problems. She's worked on her farm hard her whole life and never everything is crashing around her, plus she's had to leave school to come and have a front row seat to watch it crumble.


I have to sneak the hilarity of a bachelorette party. OMG, it was sounded like so much fun, made feel like I was missing out not being there. :)

Cord had his own issues he had to get over, pride being the biggest of them all. But he has other problems as well, his brother Colt is coming apart at the seems and he can't seem to get through to him. Then he starts to have deeper feeling for AJ, he just doesn't voice them well.

Other characters stories seemed to take off in this story too. Colt's for sure, and Kane and Kade's. Plus we got a little sneak peak into other stories prior including good news for one, or two, or maybe even more couples. WINK WINK!! Can't wait for more from this series!! Each book pulls me in more. :)