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Complete Me: A Novel - J. Kenner I love you Nikki. I say it with every touch, with every look, with every breath that I take. I love you. I love you so much it hurts."

Sigh, what is it about these billionaires that pull me in? I must admit, that I'm not going to turn one down if he offers to come and rescue me and offer me the world, but the ones I've read about it's not so much the money that has me hanging on their every word. They all seem to come from things in the past that have driven them to want more, and then when they find that just right girl they fall head over hells and become over the top protective and possessive and I love it.

Meet Damien. I'm not sure if I used this guy in every review or not, but I just keep coming back to this guy and this picture.


"It's too big, too powerful. There's no start and no end, nothing with which I can measure the length and breadth of what I feel for you. I look at you and wonder how I can possibly survive the riot of emotions within me. You and I know better than anyone how pain and pleasure walk hand in hand. Passion, Nikki, remember? And with you, it fills me. Everything I've built? All my companies? All my billions? They have no value compared to you."

The story begins in this book right where Claim Me left off. Damien is facing murder charges in Germany. He has one option to prove he's not guilty, but that proof isn't something he's willing to share, even if it costs him going to prison and loosing Nikki. Nikki is a mess, she understands why he doesn't want the proof brought forward, but at the same time she selfishly is afraid to loose him. (I kinda gotta say I understood her selfishness here, I mean she was afraid of loosing the love of her life to prison here.) She finally agrees with Damien that he's right about the proof and she doesn't blame him or want him to bring the evidence forward.

To Damien, the sun will never set on our love.

Problem is, somebody has other ideas in mind, which ultimately let's Damien off from the murder charges, but doesn't make his life any easier or Nikki's for that matter. Damien and Nikki try to move on with their lives together, but with the threat over their head of who helped Damien escape the murder charges, what their motives are, and a stalker after Nikki, moving ahead isn't as easy as they want it to be.

"Between Damien and me, sex is as necessary as conversation. It's our method of discovery. Our sharing of trust. And our ultimate surrender.


This was a really good ending to this trilogy. If you read my status updates you know the book is jam packed with hot sex. Did I enjoy it? Yes, it was out of this world hot. I think some of my GR friends thought I was complaining, lol. Not really complaining, just sometimes it seemed the storyline got lost in overabundance of sex. But I get why they needed to sex it up so much. When Damien gets in his uber sexy dom mood, he is out of this world bossy sexy controlling man, and I love it. Damien needs to have Nikki's submission in the bedroom to help him sort through all types of crap in his life that gets out of his control, while Nikki needs to connect with Damien in order to feel alive when shit gets so deep all she desperately wants is to cut herself. Pain and pleasure with them run a fine line. With their world unraveling due to situations out of their control this makes them need to sex it up more than not. And the scene with the pearls.... How these two have that much stamina is beyond me, but hey, if you have might as well enjoy it. ;)


When all of the truths started coming out, for me, that's when the story really got good. Like 5 star quality good. The only thing was it was the last 20% of the book. I so had Monica Karts pegged, from the very first meeting. I'm really good with faces so even with different hair and makeup and everything else I'm not sure how Nikki missed that. Her face couldn't have changed that much. I understood why Nikki made the choice she made, it was all for Damien, and in turn proved how much she really loved him, but I felt like if she just would have been honest with him about what happened they could have avoided all of that time apart and hurt, and faked a break up long enough for Monica to be found. But hey, it wasn't my story and made for a dramatic moment, so I'm not complaining. Of course that situation did make them understand just how much they did love each other. haha, don't you love it when I'm cryptic and leave you wondering what the hell I'm talking about, haha, you gotta read it. :)


I'm sorta hoping there is maybe a short novella or something to come. As much as Damien and Nikki have overcome, I would have liked to have had at least an epilogue that looked into their future or something. Especially with an ending like that, it needed at least an epilogue to finish everything out. I definitely see an opportunity for another book series to come, about Jamie and possibly...Ollie??? Maybe then we will get the rest of Damien and Nikki's story from Jamie's POV. I Loved Nikki, loved seeing her getting stronger and learn to fight her urge even though she's not completely healed and Loved Loved Damien and his overprotective, possessive self!!! I'm glad he finally felt secure enough to let Nikki in and share secrets with her, even if he admitted he'll always have secrets.

ARC was provided by Random House Publishing Group-Bantam Dell via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review