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2013 Reading Challenge
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Games of the Heart - Kristen Ashley
"Don't play games of the heart, honey, even if you're doing it to protect one."


Holy crap this book was good. This was Mike and Dusty's story. It starts out with the unexpected death of Dusty's brother, Darrin. Even though this is tragic, it gets the ball moving for so many good things, and so many more bad things as well.

"Miracles happen on this farm. Dreams come true here."

"I mean he's a guy. Girls at school say he's a hottie. Hotties nail babes. It's the way of the world."

Mike hasn't seen Dusty in years, but when she only makes a short appearance at her brother's funeral, and then doesn't stick around to help her family out, he has decided he is going to give her a piece of his mind. Turns out, nothing is as it seems. Dusty has her reasons for staying away from her family, and Mike had no idea, so when he acts a total dick the last thing he expects is for Dusty to attack him. NOPE, not like in an angry way, in a hot smoldering kiss that leads to more, that leads to him spending the night, the next day, and seeing her off at the airport.

"I've loved you since you were twelve and I've read your diaries, you can't deny you felt the same fuckin' thing. You weren't old enough then for my thoughts to go there but we both know that bond started then and we both know just how it changed when it snapped tight in that hotel room."


Dusty has been in love with Mike since she was a young girl. She had to sit by and watch him dating her sister and then when he tried to help she pushed him away, but now is her chance to finally have what she always wanted. All she has to do is convince her ex that that is what he is and has been for months and figure out how to make everything work with Mike. They have their share of troubles but finally once she is forced to return to the ranch to help out, everything seems to smooth out, for Mike and Dusty's relationship anyhow, other things don't work out as well.


This book, well this whole series actually, has been amazing!! I totally loved Mike and Dusty's story, but it was so sweet getting to see a first love bloom and grow between Reesee and Fin in this book as well. They were so amazingly sweet and made me relive my first love right along with them. I loved watching Dusty's relationship grow between No and Reesee as well.


This book had everything, as typical KA fashion. HOT, possessive alpha, beautiful sassy heroine, a great love story, the coolest kids ever,totally funny moments that will have you laughing out loud, amazing friends, and a suspenseful storyline that keeps you guessing until the end. Also, sneaks into the lives of the characters of the books before this one. Sigh...I always want to jump into a KA book and make it my life,....if only.

Mike looked up at the ceiling but he still heard Rivera mutter,"Brownsburg. Every year. Spring Break. I fucking love this place."

I totally agree with Rivera, booking my plane ticket now, lol.