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2013 Reading Challenge
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Overprotected - Jennifer Laurens

The guy on the cover of this book is not working for me. I found my own version of Collin. I think mine looks better :) And I totally could picture him as being the 21 year old rather than that guy on the cover who looks 40.

Now for the book, I really liked the storyline, I mean truely. But for starters I had no idea this was a Young Adult book. That I can't blame on the book, that was my fault for not looking more into the book before I read it. I had bought the book a while ago as a freebie and thought the storyline sounded really good.

I felt so sorry for Ashlyn. Her dad was an overbearing prick, who wouldn't even take the time to listen to what his daughter was trying to tell him. I really think he had her best intentions in mind, but not allowing her to have even the freedom to have friends is a little extreme. No wonder the girl was constantly trying to escape. At first I thought her mom was a royal bitch, well not just at first but during the majority of the book. I mean the main reason she was having anything to do with her own daughter was just to get Colin's attention. They for sure had a messed up family. I applaud Colin for taking the job and deciding to stick it out. Wow, what a situation he got himself into.

BUT, there were so many things about the book I just didn't get. I felt we never got all of the answers. From Ashlyn's mom, dad, or Colin. Ashlyn kept asking her dad and mom what had happened the day of the incident, in the end we never got that answer. Ashlyn kept asking her dad when and what happened to her parent's marriage, we never got the answer to that. AND, my biggest thing was I felt like we never got a complete conversation out of Ashlyn and Colin. I wanted to know when he fell for her, when he decided he would rather give up his job rather than her, I even wanted to know what the dad said about her confessing her love for Colin. THEN, the ending??? What the hell was that?!?!?! Why did he freaking leave her and Why did he need to get his head together?? I felt like we could have had all of these question answered had Colin and Ashlyn just had a conversation in the end. After all they had gone through I felt the ending was just lacking.

If you follow my reviews you know I am a very generous rater. I can get lost in any story and enjoy it no matter reviews or ratings. To me it's not about everything being perfect in a book just if I get lost in the story or not. I did get lost in this story and enjoyed it, I just felt in the end I had questions still left unanswered and I just felt the ending was lacking the big finale with Colin and Ashlyn I felt they needed. I think the book had the potential to be extremely good but just left me a little disappointed. :(