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Steal My Heart - Lisa Eugene "The heart is sometimes the last to speak the truth."

This book was so good. If action/suspense plus a hot alpha male with lots of sexual tension does something for you, then this book is totally the book for you. I had the author, Ms. Lisa Eugene, contact me a few days ago offering me an ARC of her book, once I read the blurb, I knew this was a book for me, I however had no idea just how much.


The story begins with Maggie, like the blurb says, a germaphobe on the subway, by force on her way home. Maggie is an OR nurse and never wears her scrubs home but just this once she's not had a choice. Suddenly there is a commotion up front and then the sea of people part and a very dirty, very unkept man starts ambling toward her and basically collapses right in front of her. She really wants to part of this, but since the one time she steps out in her scrubs everyone is waiting for her to take action. Little does she know, in this one moment her whole life will change.

"And like Prince Hamlet, I'm trying to expose a murderer as well.

Gabe is ex-SEAL working jobs for people, but something about this job is sending alarms everywhere. For starters, how do these people know his name?? Everything should have went completely smooth, but instead he has a bullet hole in his shoulder and now has to find a way out of this hospital and go get his flashdrive back. Of course that ends up not going as easy as he thought it would either. Gabe only intended to hold Maggie captive until he got his information and then be gone, but something about her keeps calling to him and then of course her life gets threatened so they are on the run.


All Gabe plans on doing is getting her out of danger, finish the job and disappear again, but as things start unraveling he realizes that something is completely amiss my this job and the longer he spends time with Maggie he becomes more and more attached to her. Not to mention that she starts to bring things to light to him that what he is doing could be horrible for people everywhere.


I loved this book. The suspense, the action, the angst between Maggie and Gabe. What's not to like?? Gabe was the ultimate alpha. He was used to being dependent on himself and being alone so when suddenly he has a buxom blonde depending on him to keep her alive he's not sure what to do with her. At the beginning she wasn't given a choice about being with him or not. I wouldn't necessarily call it being kidnapped, because hey she wasn't completely unwilling, but that didn't mean she didn't try to get away. Her getting stuck in the window was priceless.

(WHile hanging half out of the bathroom window)
"What exactly do you think you're doing?"


"Not doing a very good job of it. Are you stuck?"

"NO! I'm not stuck!"

"You've been a bad girl, Maggie. I wish I had time to punish you properly. But we need to go."


Maggie was completely out of her element with Gabe. For starters, her lack of clean clothing, not to mention she had to stay in a hotel. hahaaha, I love that she tried to kill any possible bed bugs with a hair dryer, hahahaa and I often wondered about her skin, she took so many showers. After a time though, I felt Gabe understood her, without seeming to be bothered by it and also they made each other better. Maggie seemed to tear down Gabe's walls, while Gabe brought out a bravery in Maggie and even though she is still a germaphobe, she didn't seem as uptight in the ends.

"You are in so much trouble. Don't you ever do something so reckless ever again! I can't lose you." he choked.

"I can't believe you pushed me onto that floor. Do you know what kind of microbial soup-" Her tirade ended with the crush of his lips.

"Where the hell did you have that gun?"

"Between my boobs. In my...support top."


Once Gabe and Maggie gave into temptation though they couldn't get enough of each other. To the point, Gabe wouldn't allow Maggie to wear underclothes while they were alone and anytime she was caught with a bra or underwear on she got threatened punishment. They ended up being a pretty good team, IMO.

That ending though, or should I say, the big reveal, wow, I never saw that coming. Normally I have a pretty good idea of who is behind all of the bad, but this just completely blew my mind. Of course, then the actual ending was awesome. I actually wish there was a novella or something for what happened next for them. No, it's really not needed I just loved them and wouldn't mind a little more. :)

**ARC courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review**