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2013 Reading Challenge
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Long Hard Ride - Lorelei James SOOOO,....this book has been on my TBR pile forever!! I have always seen hot status updates for it but had never made the time to start the series. After a rather colorful conversation with Lkay, she convinced Vika and I we needed to start on the series now. Boy, I wasn't disappointed.


"Nuh-uh, shug. I like my women wet. Really wet. I like it when they get that wetness all over me. All over my fingers. All over my face. All over my-"

"Colby McKay!!"

"Come on dance with me. Let's see if we can't spread that wetness around a little."

Channing has left her life in Boston to find herself. She's always felt like she was being someone she wasn't or just blending in. Her family is basically planning her life for her, so she ran away with the rodeo. After being with Jarred for a while, they're out one night after a rodeo when the very Colby McKay swoops her up for a dance. He keeps making cryptic comments about Jarred and making it obvious he wants a piece of Channing himself.


Channing sooner rather than later finds out Jarred's secret. Colby swoops in to save the day, but with conditions. Colby has been wanting Channing from the first time he saw her. Now's his chance, however him and his traveling buddies always share their women. So this will be no different. Channing will get to live out all of her sexual fantasies with all three guys and they will help her out.

My Colby

"Darlin' you are amazingly sexy all the time, but in the morning especially. If we were home at the ranch I'd never get up on time to get my chores done."

This book was so beyond hot. Holy crap. From threesomes, to Channing getting to sit in the corner and watch another couple, to blindfolds, and deals being struck that leave both beyond breathless. haha, I can't give everything away. :) I have no other words other than SMOKING HOT!! However after a while feelings start to form, friendships are made and fun for a week turns into more.


One reason, I think, I was hesitant on starting the series is the fact I used to rodeo and I wasn't for sure how it would be betrayed. I will say the author did a very good job at explaining everything about what was going on with the rodeo and how rodeo life can be. I will say what a relief that was for me. I grew up with this sport I kind of couldn't help the worry but it really wasn't necessary. I never had the same experiences that Channing did with the three hot guys servicing her, or two anyway, but the rest of the rodeo stuff was all pretty accurate.



Overall, this was a great read. Really hot, great characters, awesome storyline, and a big happily ever after. I can't wait to continue on with the series. I'm addicted, big time. :)