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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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When He Was Bad - Cynthia Eden, Shelly Laurenston This book contained two short stories combined into one book by two different authors. The first in the book was a somewhat continuation of the Magnus Pack series. It was actually like a prequel, as it went back to the 80's and told how Doctor Conridge and Niles Van Holtz met. I loved Van Holtz. He was charming, sexy, and determined. The good Dr. was just okay for me. She seemed a little Miki-ish, but where I really liked Miki, Conridge lacked in.....personality,....ummm, maybe more social skills... I don't know. I give her credit she was a quirky character but I just found myself struggling to connect with her as much. However, the story was interesting enough but was just so short I felt like when I was really starting to get into it, it ended.

The second story was about shifters vs vampires. I actually really liked this story. Miranda goes out on a date with a man she had been chatting with online for a while, but when she gets home he attacks her and bites her neck. Luckily for Miranda her new neighbor next door has exceptional hearing and hears her scream. Once the vamp gets loose, Cain insists Miranda stays with him for protection. Miranda had never known about the supernaturals wondering around so at first she's in denial, but finally she comes to terms with it. Cain had planned to get to know the beautiful new neighbor but now that he has her under his protection him, and the animal in him are both struggling wanting to make her his now. He just has to catch this Vampire first. I was surprised how much I really like this story. Cain was smoking hot. A jaguar shifter,...yum!! Who knew? Of course, the story was way short and just like the first one, I felt like I was just getting into it and it ended.