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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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The Tycoon's Vacation - Melody Anne I had started this series a while back and got distracted with something else and ended up forgetting to go back and finish. The first book was pretty good, but I liked this one even more.


Drew was the cocky cousin of Derek's from the first bank. When Derek refound his high school sweetheart after a major miscommunication and then found out that she had had a son, he figured out that he only thought he had had everything he ever wanted. Now, with his wife, son and a beautiful new daughter he realizes he had been clueless about what he needed after all. Derek is telling Drew all this and making Drew have thoughts he didn't need rummaging around in his head. Therefore decides to take off on a vacation at one of his resorts so he can set everything back to normal. Have a vacation, maybe a fling with a beautiful woman, and get his head back on straight. He never dreams he will flat out run right into his own version of a train wreck that will turn his whole life upside down.


Trinity is doing the one thing she has never done in her whole life. Living in the moment and even being a little reckless. After she decided she was ready to sleep with her boyfriend of sex months she walks in to surprise him only to be surprised herself. She drains her accounts and heads for her first ever vacation. While taking a mind cleansing swim someone runs her over with their surf board and knocks her out. When she wakes up the hottest man she has ever seen is waiting with her in her room.


Drew, for once, just wants to be with a woman and not see greed in her eyes. He just wants to have a nice vacation with a beautiful woman. But as time goes by, and he and Trinity get closer and closer, he knows eventually he is going to have to tell her. Of course as always, his plans crash and burn and she finds out from someone else and gets pissed and leaves.

Months later, Trinity is just trying to make ends meet. If it wasn't for her best friend she doesn't know what she would do. Drew tried to call a few months back but she just didn't want to talk to him. She know eventually though she'll have to. She's over the moon excited to be a mommy and feels like even if she told Drew he wouldn't want anything to do with the baby, so why tell him,...right?? Until one night she comes home and there he is, waiting for her. And guess what, he wants his baby, and more than that he wants Trinity too, and will stop at nothing to have them. Especially after he saw the ultrasound of his baby Trinity had left laying on her table. He's decided the fight is on and he will be the victor.


I think, this is the first book I've read like this. I really really enjoyed it!! Trinity was so tired of being lied to by men that she completely goes to the extreme when she finds out Drew had fibbed to her. Even after he came back and explained it, she wouldn't let it go. I get why she was mad, really, but come on chick, this guy came back and was over the moon excited about having a baby with you and she fought him on it until the very end. It sorta made her annoying, but I guess I got where she was coming from. Drew on the other hand, was amazing to me. He went from not even wanting a relationship with a woman to groveling at one's feet begging her to marry him, and taking care of her at every turn. He was like every pregnant woman's dream man. He brought her breakfast and lunch and dinner. Wanted to take care of all the dr bills, would massage away all the aches and pains, and even more, but hey, I don't want to give everything away. I sorta felt sorry for him, because it took a while for the chick to give him anything to work with. I can't wait to read more from these wrong side of the tracks grown into billionaire playboys that then turn into prince charmings, lol. They are great.