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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Pack Challenge (Magnus Pack, #1) - Shelly Laurenston ”You belong to me, but I belong to you. Even before you marked me, I belonged to you… as much as it annoys the shit out of me.”

Okay, I give in...I'm a sucker for a shifter story. I love the whole dynamic of the mate for life thing, there's almost always a great storyline, and most importantly they are always hotter than hell. That whole claiming thing...gets me every time. This story was no different.

This story starts out with Sara, drunk in a bar, stirring up her normal amount of "Drunk-Sara" trouble. Little does she know she's playing a very dangerous game that night. If it wouldn't have been for her "pretty boy" rescuer and her crazy friends she could have been in a whole lot more trouble than making out in an alley with a stranger.

"You're to picky. Because I remember a few interested individuals that weren't too bad. Troy."
"Too strict."
"Too Neat."
"Bobby Joe."
"Too Tall."
"Too short."
"Wait. There's still my personal favorite. Kenny Ray."
"Too Nice in bed."
"I bet Zach's not nice at all. In bed or out."

Zach has sworn no women will ever make him weak or hold him down. He has plans for his life and he's not about to let the love for a woman get in the way of them. But every since he was groped and kissed by the sassy little drunk girl at the bar he can't stop thinking about her. However, he has one mission, protect the girl, turn her and go on about his life. But something has changed and changes even more the night he watches her howling with the wolves on her front porch.


After being invited to a party by the new bikers in town, Zach is apart of, Sara and her friends are a little hesitant to go but decide it's something they have to see. Once there, they end up having a really good time until Sara is talking with Zach and becomes in unbearable pain. He rushes her away and tries a little "experiment" on her to see if it will help her. What happens next is a surprise to everyone.


Sara has no idea that she's a shifter and it's up to someone to tell her, however she ends up finding out without being told. I expected her to freak out a little more than she did, but she took the news quiet well. Of course, finding out she's a shifter is the least of Sara's problems at the moment. Turns out others are after as well and unlike Zach's Pack, the others want her dead.


"I've found that it's never the animals you have to worry about, Miki, It's the humans."

"I'll remember that when we find your torn, headless carcass."

This book was awesome! Yes, the first night I read it I passed out at 9%, but that is only because I was dosed up with Benadryl. Once I started today, I could not stop reading. The characters were amazing. OMG, Sara, Angelina and Miki said the funniest things to each other. I loved Sara's sassy attitude and how her girls knew one another and always had each others back and could second guess what they would do next. The chemistry between Zach and Sara was scorching hot. And that claiming scene,...wowza!! Did I mention I love when these shifters do their claiming, ahaha. If I was going to complain about anything, it would be that it was too short and left me wanting more in the end. Lucky for me, there are two more stories in the series so that should make me feel better, but they aren't about Sara and Zach and I felt like I barely got to know Sara and Zach and then the story was over. I still recommend, especially if you like shifters and paranormals. :)