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2013 Reading Challenge
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Midnight Secrets - Ella Grace "You were my first love, my only love, and you'll be my last. Till the end of time, I'll be yours forever."

Ella Grace has my attention, lol. This book was really, really good and I can't wait for the next in the series. I had got this book a month, maybe 2, as an arc. I'm really bad about letting myself get distracted with other books, It doesn't really matter, sometimes sparkly, shiny popular releases everyone else is reading and loving, sometimes books I've been waiting on forever, I can't ever really determine how it happens, I just get distracted. This time, I can't believe I let myself get so distracted. LOL

Meet Zach...

"I love you Savannah. You're my sunshine when there are only clouds, light when there is only darkness."

Know as the bad boy from the wrong side of town, Zach has never been the most liked guy. He's been blamed more than once for crimes he hasn't committed and a few times for other crimes he has, but as a teenager having to support his family he did what he had to do. Everything changes the night he meets Savannah.


"Sometimes I think this is the most beautiful place on the planet, and then I think that it's only that way because you're here."

Savannah and her two sisters are triplets. They have to be the most popular family in town, but not for reasons they want to be. When they were ten both of their parents died in a murder-suicide. The girls since have been raised by their grandfather. Yes, they have lots of money and live in a mansion, but they are still very down to earth even though the town has been gossiping about them most of their lives. On the night of the girls senior prom, Savannah has decided just to ditch and go home, her date is not going like she wanted it to. Just when things are going from bad to worse Zach showed up and saved her, after that they were together almost every day until the day before Zach was supposed to go to boot camp. Promises were made, forever discussed, and innocence given. Everything seemed like it would be okay between them, until promises were broken, and forever never happened.


Ten years have gone by, Zach and Savannah have "moved on" with their lives. But things in Nashville have become tense. Her boss thinks it would be best for her safety to take some time off, which means going back to Midnight, where Zach will be. Everything is tense at first, but as time goes on and it seems to start getting better. As she starts cleaning out the mansion, Savannah finds letters her grandfather had written to her grandmother. Some of the letters start making Savannah question everything she has believed. As she starts asking around it seems she has hit another radar and is being made a target all over again. Zach makes his move to protect her and also win her back at the same time.


This book had everything. Suspense, romance, sexual tension, secrets, a dose of southern hospitality, and even a few twists thrown in there. The town of Midnight is much like any small town, including the town I grew up in. Everybody knows everybody's business, sometimes, before you even know it yourself. Zach is the chief of police and I loved how he made something of himself despite the whole town being against him. He didn't do it because of them, but sure as hell came back and proved himself. I hated the way Zach had to grow up but loved the guy he was and the man he grew up to be. He's honorable, brave, protective of everyone he loves, and a hero. He made mistakes in the past but more than proved himself later on when given the chance and I ached for his story. I did think he went about some things the wrong way, but I get it when people are hurt and just need to do certain things sometimes you end up hurting people that you never meant to hurt. He admitted he was wrong and completely learned from his mistakes.

"Do you know how many nights I dreamed of this?" she whispered softly.
Surprised he looked up at her. "You dreamed of me?"
"So many nights."A sad smile tilted her lips.
His heart clenched. "I promise to make up for every one of those nights."


Savannah was so sweet. She had dealt with so much her entire life. From her parents deaths, the towns continuous gossip about her and her family, losing the love of her life and other things that if I spill will be a huge spoiler. At times, I did get a little aggravated at her because I wanted her to be honest with Zach about things, but understood that once someone breaks your trust it's so hard for them to earn it back. I really love how close her and her sisters were, and how they always confided in each other about everything. Savannah was strong, independent, brave, and confident. Even though she had a shy personality and was a little unsure of her relationship with Zach, she never was whiny or annoying.

I had so many people as suspects. I will admit I ended up being partially right, but the truth Zach confided was not what I expected. At times, the story was a little slow, I will admit, but the author was very good at building up to the end. I did expect a little more out of the climax, but was still semi-shocked when the truth came out. I definitely recommend the book and can't wait for more from the series.

ARC was provided by Random House Publishing Group via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review