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2013 Reading Challenge
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Deadly Obsession - Katie Reus This is just the beginning....

Okay, I'm not really even sure where to begin with this review. This book was Fan-Freaking-tastic, this I do know!!

Meet Braden

She half snorted."Are you looking for me to stroke your ego?"
"No, but I've got something else you can stroke if you're interested."

He's the sheriff of Hudson Bay. In the last year three murders have gone unsolved, if that's not frustrating enough, a fourth has just been discovered, with a note letting him know that not only is this personal, but the killer is targeting women who have been apart of his life. Knowing that Lilly will be in town soon, he realizes the biggest target of them all will be on her back. With the past they have he wants to avoid her, but protecting her is more important.

This is Lilly

"Braden, my leaving had nothing to do with you. Nothing. I told you that then."

Going back to Hudson Bay is the last thing she wants to do, but there is no avoiding this. Her aunt has passed away and she has to take care of the details. She hasn't been in town ten minutes when already the town is at her door, but when she opens the door it's the one person she wanted to avoid. Braden. She knew she would see him eventually but when he informs her a murderer is on the loose and targeting women in his life she realizes she's going to be seeing a lot more of Braden than she ever expected. To make matters worse, she is dealing with her own demons right now, she can't be sure, but since arriving she's already seen a mask man smiling at her through the window. Things can't get any worse for her...bad thing about it, this is only the beginning.


This story was so different for me. Not only does the story have Braden and Lilly's POV, but the killers as well. Getting into the killers head was....wow. So different. Not only do you get an insight of why he's doing these things, but what he's plotting as well. From the very beginning he had me closing my blinds and double checking that my doors were locked. TOTALLY CREEPY!! He shows up in the very beginning with a knife and a mask on peeking in Lilly's windows even though he didn't wear this kind of mask this is all I could think of...

He was there. Watching her. Even though she couldn't see him, she could feel it straight to her bones. She was being hunted.

There was suspense, secrets to figure out, sexual tension, and twists too. I had so many questions. Who was the killer? Why did Lilly leave Braden all those years ago? Why are Lilly and Braden the targets? When are Braden and Lilly going to get back together?? Omg, I finally had to put it down last night because I was over analyzing everything and driving myself insane. LOL, I will say I had the killer figured out the whole time. I was so proud of myself, I'm not sure how I picked up on it, but I was right, lol. I will warn this is a darker read with some details that may make you a little sqeemish and creeped out, but it had me from the beginning and I loved every minute of it trying to piece all of the pieces together.