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Chasing Mrs. Right (Come Undone, #2) - Katee Robert "Sometimes there really is a happily ever after without any strings attached. You just have to be brave enough to face it."

AHHH, this book was really good!! This review is probably not going to be like my normal reviews due to the fact I can't post pics and that has put me in a mood, (Yes, I'm pouting) but I wanted to say something about this story. This mood has not effected my thoughts on the book though.

IMO, this book was way better than the first, I'll tell you why...

Ian has just came back from the army base in Japan. The war has left him with borderline PTSD. He's trying to keep his family in the dark because he doesn't want to worry them, but his sister has thrown him a party at Gabe's club and the noise and all the people around is just too much so he sneaks out. The closer he gets to the door the faster he needs out of this building which leaves him bulldozing into a gorgeous brunette and knocking them both down. Instantly there is an attraction but more importantly her touch completely calms his nerves. He's hurt her and she's bleeding so they go back inside to get her lef taken care of and a quick drink, one thing leads to another and they end up going to a hotel together and having insanely hot sex. He wakes up the next morning realizing due to the gorgeous girl sleeping with him, he actually slept all night long, only turns out it wasn't all night long because she's gone. He never even found out her name or number.

Roxanne can't believe the gorgeous man she slept with last night was Elle's brother. She's trying to figure out how to get herself out of this mess when who shows up, but Elle's brother, again, and he's seriously mad at her. Not to mention, they have a very uncomfortable exchange in the bathroom and then on top of that, Elle asks Rox to try to talk to Ian because obviously something is bothering him. Rox, not being able to deny her best friend, goes to talk to him and then receives the shock of her life time, not that he wants to take her to dinner, but that she actually wants to go with him.

"If you plan is to sex me into submission, I'm not saying it's working, but I'm not saying it's not working either."

Ian and Roxanne were hotter than hot together. I loved their banter.

"I've been thinking about f@cking you in front of the bathroom mirror all week. Every time I picture the look on your face as you came, I start counting down the hours until I can do it again."

Even though I loved Gabe, in the first book, Ian and Roxanne's story was so much better for me. Roxanne had this cool, sarcastic approach to her, even though she was fighting herself on the inside, she wasn't stuck up like Elle had been. Elle was all uptight and acted better than everyone, while Roxanne just sorta went with the flow. Ian was fighting demons. Demons normal people don't understand. I loved how Roxanne didn't push him for details but understood what he needed and was just there for him.

Of course Ian and Elle's mom was back with a vengeance. I liked seeing Elle take up for herself and Ian the same, but I think their mom needs a swift kick to the ego and seeing that the next book is Nathan's story I'm starting to think we won't get to witness that. :( Speaking of Nathan's story, I'm really curious what his little side comments have been about to Ian and can't wait to read his story. :)