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2013 Reading Challenge
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Wrong Bed, Right Guy (Come Undone, #1) - Katee Robert "You owe me a kiss, but I'm not taking it until you want it."
"As if that'll ever happen."
"Keep up the attitude and you'll be lucky it I don't make you beg for it."


I really liked this book. It had been on my TBR list for a while, and several times I had thought about reading it but let something else get in the way. I liked it, but didn't love it,....here's why...

"Christ, babe. Don't you ever let your hair down? If you did, it'd probably help with the stick you have shoved up your ass."

The story begins with Elle going to seduce her boss. The first part of this book I will say I LOVED, ABSOLUTELY. She has these high expectations for what she thinks the man she ends up with should be like, and even though she's not overly attracted to her boss, she thinks he's the ideal guy and could make the perfect husband. So, like I said the seduction...things are getting heated. Both parties are way into it, until the guy in bed with her speaks and she realizes, DUN DUN DUNNNN, she is not in bed with who she is supposed to be in bed with. EEK!! ahaha, she scurries out of there completely embarrassed and wondering who she was just in bed with. She can't deny the attraction she had to him, but that's the problem she was attracted to him and the guys she's attracted to our the bad boys who break her heart.

"There's something really really attractive about him in a Neanderthal sort of way. Like you look at him and want to have him haul you back to his cave, and have his wicked way with you. I mean sure he's rough around the edges, but his tattoos are amazing and that mouth is just sinful."

Gabe thinks he's having a fantastic dream, however he soon realizes it's not a dream after all, there is a girl in his bed trying to get it on with him. But soon this mysterious woman, jumps out and runs away. He doesn't know who she is or what that was all about, but he does know he wants more. Once he talks to his brother, he finds out that the woman is his brothers assistant and he's going to find a way to get her in his bed again, no matter what. He feels a pull toward her that he can't stop thinking about and he's not going to fight it until he gets at least a date from her, even though he wants much much more. Of course life is never easy for Gabe, and Elle isn't going to make anything any easier on him. As hard as he tries with her, it never seems to be enough. He knows he should just let it go, but something about her he can't stop thinking about and he's determined not to give up yet.


I will say the main reason why I didn't love this story was because of Elle...and her mom. I loved loved loved Gabe. He was so sweet, caring, and sexy as all hell. I thought he deserved better than Elle. I got it, at first, that she had been broken hearted and had trust issues because of a dude. She was protecting herself from being hurt again, and with Gabe acting and looking so much like the ex that made it that much harder, but the guy was a total sweetheart. My gosh the night with the allergy attack....how much more perfect did she expect him to be. Not to mention the fact that she always acted like a T-Total bitch who was better than everyone toward him and he took it and kept coming back. Also, her mom drove me apeshit crazy. I totally respect my parents and elders, but at some point you have to take up for yourself and tell other people to butt out and let you live your own life. Elle didn't really have the back bone to do that, and it was annoying.


I wish the book could have been a little longer too. I'm reading the next one now and Ian mentions the fact that Gabe and Elle had had a sit down with her mom and also that Gabe and Elle are engaged and planning a wedding I feel like we missed out on all of this and I really would have liked to read those parts. They sorta seem like big moments to not have got to be apart of. :(

Still I loved Gabe. I loved his POV and to me he made the story what it was. He was pure tattooed perfection and Elle was crazy to ever second guess herself with him. OF course in every book, there is the big climax, which I totally saw coming, but the way Gabe redeemed himself, was just...sigh...so so good. Like I said, I've already started the next book, I'm like half way through it and loving it and can't wait for more. Even though I complained about Elle during this review I still liked the book and still recommend it because Gabe is a guy that is totally worth reading about. :)