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2013 Reading Challenge
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Safe Word - Teresa Mummert I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about this book. I 100% love this author, so it pains me to give it such a low rating, but this book has just left me so confused...So, I'm giving it 3.5 stars and it's killing me but I have to.


The book starts out with Cole/Colt in a bar staking out his next target. His job is to kidnap girls, and hold them for two weeks until a ransom has been paid then he drops them off unharmed except for the nightmares of being kidnapped. While sitting in this bar, he runs into Lily that remembers him but he can't seem to place her. They exchange numbers, and since he is so intrigued by her he, he ends up meeting with her later at another bar for a drink. That's when he realizes that Lily is his Rose from childhood. He has been looking for her for years and now here she is. Problem with this is, she's just landed on his bosses radar which means, he now has to kidnap her.


The book goes back and forth from the present to Rose and Cole's childhood. Rose was rich and popular in high school. Cole was more like the kid from the wrong side of the tracks compared to her friends. Her and Cole were together, but they kept it a secret per Rose's request. However, Cole and Rose, had way more in common than anyone knew. Both dealt with "problems at home". Cole tried at every turn to save Rose from her problems but in the end, he didn't succeed. After he lost her, his life became all about trying to find her. Until he lost all leads and decided she must be gone for good. That turned him into a heartless man that he believes he is now.

"Why are you treating me this way?"
"I tried to be the good guy once; it didn't take."


I guess the main reasons I didn't like this book, as much, was it left me with so many more questions. The whole book is in Cole/Colt's POV. I love books like this and loved reading his POV, but it left some questions about what happened with Rose unanswered. Like what happened to her when she disappeared? Even though the book led us to believe what happened with Rose, what exactly happened with Craig? What I mean is, was she actually being raped over and over? Because she didn't act disturbed or anything like she was. With Cole, I felt like I never really understood him. I get him trying to find her, but honestly, it kinda ticked me off that he was so mad at her for leaving him. She was still in school, it's not like she had a choice to stay or not, especially with Craig being in control. And her changing her name, was sorta planted into her head by him when he offered for them to run away together. She was hiding from Craig and changing her name made perfect since to me. He literally went back and forth between hating her and loving her. I get it that it was a struggle for him because he felt abandoned from her so he was struggling with his feelings, but it was so back and forth that I felt like I was getting whiplash. :( I can't really explain it, because I got what the point of the story was supposed to be, how he struggled to be running from his past and forget Rose, and yet being happy that he had finally found her. The problem was he had dug himself into a hole that he couldn't get out of to let himself be with her even if he wanted to. I will say that once he made up his mind that he loved her, he didn't fight it and was willing to give up his life to keep her safe and I loved how hard he tried to do that.


I like the book, don't get me wrong, I just have so many questions left after the ending and still feel somewhat confused that I just can't give it more stars. :( Also, I'm hoping there is another book because it seems it's more of a Happy for now rather than forever and I can only imagine how much more complicated things could get once what happens in the ending happens. If they are married where is she going to stay and what is she going to do while he does his dirty undercover work? That could make an excellent next book.