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Missing Hart - Ella Fox
I lost something precious that I can never, ever get back."
"Something, or someone?"
"Both," I whispered.

HOLY GEEZ!!! Ella Fox, you have 100%, without a doubt, outdone yourself this time with this book. I have been hooked on this series since the very beginning, but this story took the series to a whole other level. WOW!! Bravo!!!


This will be the easiest review I have ever written, because words are just pouring out of me, my problem might be shutting up.

If you've been keeping up with the series and the spinoff series 'Renegade Saints', you know that the Hart/Cross family has just discovered new additions to their family, Dillon, Leah, and Flynn. If you haven't been reading this series, get on it NOW. At the end of Flynn's story we discovered that Dominique and Dillon know each other, but weren't giving any details of how. This is their story.


Unfortunately their story isn't a fairytale...

The story begins with Dillon on one of many dates that he already knows is going nowhere, she turns out to be a total bitch, but he goes home with her anyway. Once home, he's a little disgusted with himself and lays down only to take another trip down memory lane, like he does all to often, and the trip down that lane is quiet a painful one.



Dillon was once married to Marissa. Him and his sister had met Marissa in foster care and they had been together ever since. Even though him and Leah had had painful childhoods they nowhere near compared to Marissa's. Once older him and Marissa married, but it wasn't your typical marriage. Marissa couldn't be touched, but needed some sort of resemblance of normalcy. He gave her that, even though it was a huge sacrifice, he was so used to taking care of Leah and Marissa, he never blinked when she asked him. They had been living this way for several years when Marissa started getting close to a girl.

Dominique and Delilah

Dominique and Marissa had a connection. A connection Dominique clung to because she had never been able to talk about what had happened to her with anyone else. Dillon was overjoyed because Marissa tended to not get close to anyone. This is how Dillon met Dominique. The instant they meet, they both felt something, but neither acted on it because of Marissa. Over time, they all became extremely close, but a tragic encounter makes Marissa check out, and after weeks of being shut off she eventually checks out in a more permanent way.


This was the first of many times in this book that tears were coming out of my eyes so fast I couldn't even see to read, and I put that out there, because it normally takes a lot to make me cry in books, but I felt like I cried so much in this book. It was that powerful.


Dominique becomes the rock for Dillon and Leah, and after a while, Dillon and Dominique finally admit their feelings for each other. They start the most beautiful relationship and even begin planning for their future.

"I'm happy too. Sitting on this lawn with you right now will be on the highlight reel that I get at the end of my life. How I feel about you scares the hell out of me, but I wouldn't change that for the world."

The problem is, Marissa had told Dillon along time ago a slight lie about Dominique that had never came out. Dominique had had plenty of chances to tell him the truth but had found a reason not to every time. That's the thing with lies, they always come out, and this one had been one like a time bomb waiting to happen. When Dillon finds out, he completely flips on Dominique without even letting her really explain. He firmly believes that everything between them had been a lie. He kicks her out of his house and his life. Dominique is shattered and goes through a huge depression that worries her family, but she is given some hope to hold onto, until that too is stripped away from her. Her world comes crashing down even harder and for years she is really just a shell of herself. This being the second time, I cry my eyes out during this book.


"You cry in your sleep every night like you soul is dying and it isn't because of the accident."

Dominique realizes she has ultimately lost the only man she will ever love because she wasn't honest. So she disconnects from everything for a while. Over time she becomes somewhat better but that hole never completely closes. Her and Leah still are best friends and after a tragic situation happens, Dominique realizes she needs to do something to help Leah reconnect, so she takes her out to a gay bar, knowing they can both have fun, without the pressures of men hitting on them. Little did she know, that she would find one woman attractive. This is how she meets Tally.


Overtime, they start a relationship, but she knows she will never love Tally the way she should but ends up giving in and letting people believe things that aren't true, just to spare her family and Tally's feelings.


Okay...I think I've spilled enough now, because much more and spoilers will start slipping.

The characters in this book and the storyline was beyond any expectations I had. I will admit, I've read plenty of menages, and threesomes, and even a few scenes of m/m in books. But I was nervous about a f/f scene. I will admit, it didn't really bother me, it wasn't overdone. The scenes between Dillon and Dominique were amazingly hot, especially a ...surprise scene I really didn't see coming. Even though I've been plenty pissed with Dillon for giving up so easily on Dominique and at least not hearing her out, prior to that I was madly in love with him. OMG, he was so sweet and understanding. But the thing with this story is it showed that nothing was as it had seemed in the previous stories. Tally came across so likeable in the other books, but now.....


I'm left today reeling. I wonder about those letters. Both from Marissa and the ones Dominique wrote Dillon at first. When will they be read??? I have a slight feeling of one issue that will be addressed in both Dillon and Dominique's from Marissa and I want to read them so bad. I also, obviously am wondering about what comes next seeing the way things ended. I worry how Dillon will react about "the accident" that he will be mad at her. He shouldn't, she tried to get in contact with him and was coming to him that very night. I also wonder, how if he was in the bar, he didn't know she had had that accident. Things like that tend to draw people out because of their nosiness. How will her family, namely her brothers, react when the truth comes out?? Will the truth come out while the girls are in the situation that they are in and Dillon has no choice but to tell them?? Oh so many questions....

This book was amazing. I don't know any other way to describe it. I had no intention of sitting down and reading this all in one night, but once I started I couldn't stop. This story was heartbreaking. From Dominique's past, Marissa's death, the downfall of Dominique and Dillon's relationship, and the struggles Dominique suffers afterward I could have cried the whole book. I was hooked. I love Leah and hope she gets her own story, she has a lot to overcome herself, but mostly I need the next book for Dominique and Dillon. YES, peeps, this one has a cliffhanger and I'm literally hanging by my fingertips for the next one. OMG, I can't wait. HAVE TISSUES READY!!