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2013 Reading Challenge
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His Risk to Take (Line of Duty, #2) - Tessa Bailey image

"As long as you're with me, I don't want some punk thinking he has the right to touch your gorgeous face. If you want to be touched, you tell me where, and I'll take care of it. I'm the only on who touches you now, Ruby. ME."

Troy has moved from Chicago to make a new start. He's only been in New York for a week when he goes out with two guys from the force for a drink. They are joking around about women, but he's still grieving the loss of his partner so he's sorta just sitting ignoring the guys when Ruby walks in. See he comes across as the good guy, but in reality in the bedroom he turns into a dirty talking, controlling man who knows exactly what he wants and how to take it. From the moment he lays eyes on her he wants her, but Ruby turns out to be quiet a surprise when she hustles some guys at a pool game. So, then he decides that not only does he want her, but he has to protect her too, it's just he doesn't know at this point how much.

"You've heard that proverb, teach a man to fish and you'll feed him his entire life? Teaching me how to play pool was his way of feeding me for life."

Ruby has led a complicated life. She's sassy, independent and trying to break away and start her life the way she wants to live it instead of the way she was raised to live it. The problem is, it's taking a little bit of time to get to where she wants and hustling is still essential to be able to make it until she can quit all together. The minute she meets Troy she is intrigued by him. But once she discovers he's a cop she isn't sure how much she can trust him. But the pull between them is too strong to avoid which leads her into going home with him. She scoots out the next morning before he wakes up, but Troy doesn't give up that easy and hunts her back down. She has walls built to protect herself, but, eventually he breaks down all of her walls.


I can't get into that damn head of yours." Troy growled. "You're so determined to keep me out. But your body knows who it answers to. It answers to me, doesn't it? Le me in, Ruby. Let me in."

"I've let you in more than I've ever done before. With anyone." Ruby sobbed.

"It's not enough. I want it all. I need everything you have."

I liked this book, but I can't say that I liked it as much as I liked the first in this series. There's really not one specific thing I can point out for me not liking it, except maybe it felt to be shorter than the first, which led for it to seem more rushed. I totally get it that short stories are not going to elaborate on everything, but it just seemed to me this one was more rushed than the first and sometimes that just takes away from the story for me. However, the sex scenes were scorching hot, especially one part with a pool stick and table. OMG, that was sooo HOT!!! And Troy has a way with making Ruby give into his demands with the use of his dirty mouth and hot sex.


If your looking for something short for in between longer books this one is perfect. And I definitely recommend it if you have already started the series. I can't wait to see who's story is next, I'm thinking maybe Brent and seeing as the way he already is avoiding falling for someone I think it will be interesting. (btw, I found so many hot pool pics, but since all of the flagging lately I didn't put any of them, it's so disappointing. :()