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Mending  (This, #2) - J.B. McGee
"You can't run away from anything that presents a risk or has potential to require hard work."

WOW, I have to start off by saying that this book was so awesome. After the first book I was a little hesitant to keep going with this series, but this book completely made up for the first one. This book had the same concept as the first book. It went back and forth to the present and this time the past which was now when Gabby and Bradley left off in the first book. Also in this one we got duel POV's, yay!!


"There is no one else for me. If I can't be with you for the rest of my life, I will be alone. I'll be miserable."

Mending starts right off with a bang. Bradley and Gabby have grown to really care for one another. The long distance relationship they agreed on in the first book has been working out well. Gabby is in Atlanta this weekend to be with Bradley. But when an unexpected visitor shows up, Gabby goes back to her old ways and runs. Bradley's life starts spinning out of control as he realizes he may have finally lost Gabby for good. But when he sits down and thinks things through he realizes not everything makes complete sense. In the meantime, Gabby is completely crushed, not paying attention at all she opens her door and realizes that her day just went from bad to worse, when the last person she ever wanted to see again is standing there. YES, creeptastic IAN, begging for forgiveness.


cue the music...


I was captivated by the story. I literally started it at 11pm and tried to put it down twice but laid there thinking about it until I had to roll back over and pick it back up. Eventually I gave up trying to put it down and just read the whole thing until I was done at 3am. This time I really loved the "Past" Storyline. For one, like I mentioned above we got duel POV's. I love Duel POV's. This "Past" Storyline showed the buildup of how Gabby and Bradley got to the "Present Day" Storyline. And then wow, the "Present Day" Storyline was so intense. Even though I loved the "Past" Storyline, I found myself so anxious to get back to the "Present Day" Storyline because it had so many twists and turns. I kept trying to figure out what was going to happen next. And even when I had figured out what was going on, I still wondered what would happen next. That is what ultimately kept me up all night long.


"My soul needs him as much as my lungs need air. So much that I feel like I'm suffocating just being away from him."

Gabby had found her happier place in this book, which was so impressive considering how broken she was in her first book. Even when the walls started crumbling down, she didn't completely break, sure she cried and cried, but when demons of her past presented themselves she dug deep and ultimately finally defended herself. I loved seeing Ian get put in his place. I loved that Gabby and John were still close. He makes a great best friend and I hope they remain that way. Of course Sam is the ultimate big sister. I also love how Bradley knows that Gabby and Sam only have each other so he always tries to include her. I love his maturity and mostly his willingness to wait for her. I definitely recommend this series, the first book was a little hard to get through, but this one totally made up for it. :)