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2013 Reading Challenge
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Conspiring (This, #2.5) - J.B. McGee WOW, WOW, WOW!!!

SO, I feel like I can't give many details about this edition as it could lead to spoilers on what's going on in the story. This book in the series gives evil Veronica and creeptastic Ian's POV's.

I must say getting in Veronica's head definitely made me feel a little sorry for her. I mean clearly Bradley has only ever seen her as a F. Buddy. But since this buddy system has been going on for over a year, Veronica has developed feelings for Bradley and has started to want more. However he only sees her as his Wed/Sat appointment. When it comes time for him to go to the wedding he meets Gabby at, she asks to come along, but he refuses and tell her he doesn't date, and doesn't want to have to answer questions from his family. This breaks Veronica's heart, leading her to decide he's probably hooking up with someone at the wedding so she will too, which in a crazy twist of fate ends up being IAN....

"Do you want to get a cab and go someplace where I can make love to you all night?"

I must say this installment was the first one to actually bring in more steam, and I LOVE IT!!! I liked getting in Ian's head as well. It made me not hate him quiet as much. I mean, he will never be with Gabby again, but I actually like him and Veronica together and....hope things work out. I will say again people, this series has me all kinds of hooked. With all of the twists and turns I'm hanging on every word....