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Broken (This, #1) - J.B. McGee "Anything worth having is never simple or easy, Gabby."

Well, Fuck a duck, of course my most brilliant review ever, (wink wink) just got deleted. I've come back and re-wrote a brief review and then came back and added some pics and a quote, but my first review was so much better. I just can't make myself re-write the whole thing. LESSON LEARNED!! LOL.


I found this book on Fb accidently a while back. I really had been looking forward to it and wasn't aware this series was so long. Before I get going good I want to say this now. I am not hating on this book and I am continuing the series. BUT, it wasn't what I was expecting.


Bradley and Gabby meet at a wedding. In between them getting to know each other every other chapter goes back and forth from the present to the past of her summer before Junior year. Gabby is badly damaged emotionally. She has had a traumatic childhood and been heartbroken by her ex, Ian. She doesn't give Bradley the time of day and ends up giving him the truth of it and leaving the wedding. Months go by. While this is happening we are seeing the storyline of what happened between her and Ian in high school.


I admit, in the begining the story line between Ian and Gabby just made me bored. I sometimes wanted to skip it all together. But knew if I skipped something important I would be lost, so I stuck with it. What really drove me insane was Gabby's inner thoughts. I understand all the stuff in her past really sucked, I'm talking big time, and I get that she is Broken, hence the title of the book, BUT, OMG she said the same thing over and over about how she was not good enough, her friends were so much prettier, had so much more money, blah blah blah. I will straight up admit, I almost put the book down and decided I was done. She was making me so damn depressed with the way she thought.


I'm really glad I stuck it out though. In the end, she ended up actually talking to someone about everything that had gone down with her andddd, we got some revelations with what went down with Ian slim ball and that alone made me want to keep reading the series.


Once again, I actually really was proud of my other review and this one no where near compares, but this is cutting into my reading time so,...I'm out for now and maybe will edit more tomorrow when I'm not so frustrated that I lost it. :(