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2013 Reading Challenge
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The Bite That Binds (Deep In Your Veins, #2) - Suzanne  Wright "Since the first night I met you, you've had me messed up. You're my weakness-pure and simple. But you're also the only thing that I really couldn't live without."

Holy Wow Batman, I loved this storyline. It was different from anything I have been reading lately and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time trying to figure all the suspense.

"That bloke is a walking, talking advertisement for sex."

"If you get hurt, I'll spank your pretty little ass and strap you to the bed when we get home."

The story picks up right after the second book finishes. Jared and Sam are preparing for their binding ceremony. Neither party has doubts in binding with the other, they both just seem to be worried the other will back out. On top of that, Sam is having weird dreams at night. Jared is worried about them and finally makes her talk to Antonio and Luther about them. When Luther has a vision that shows trouble he knows that if he doesn't make them go on with their plans to figure out the dreams it could change the future. But it seems one thing after another keeps coming up for Sam and Jared. Another mission needs to be checked into, the trouble with Sam's dreams that ends up being so much deeper, a bitch of an ex shows up trying to cause problems, plus Sam has to impress all of the high masters before the ceremony.


"If we shag any more than we already do, there's a chance your d!ck will fall off."

I loved all of the suspense in the book. There were so many things coming down on Jared and Sam. With the crazy ex and her mind games, to the crazy brothers and their....meddling, Ricardo, Marcia, and others doubting Sam, and then that storyline with Jude. I know, I know, if you haven't read the books you have no idea what I'm talking about, but believe me, this story was worth a read to me. There is mystery and romance, plus two very strong lead characters. They worked through everything together and if at some point Sam wouldn't listen Jared would just threaten to tie her to the bed and...f@ck her until she agreed. Which wasn't much of a punishment, but it worked all the same. AND WAS HOTTER THAN HOT!!


"Feel how perfectly your body fits to mine. You were made to take me, Sam. Tell me you're mine, and I'll give you what you want."

Again, all the same awesome secondary characters were there. Fletcher and his awesomeness and Evan. (I want EVAN's STORY!!) Antonio and Luther. Plus the incredible team full of badasses who are amazing and have all of those ridiculously cool gifts. I love how that group of badass men respect Sam but still give her a hard time. Not to mention the addition of Wes and of course Dexter.


I still stick with my guns when I say that, even though this book ties up nicely, I am hopeful there will be more to the series. It is so good, and I like this book even more than the first. Where the first book everyone knew where the danger was coming from and when, this book had way more mystery, combined with Jared and Sam working together instead of against each other and having way more sex. And since they are vampires, you know the sex they have is scorchingly HOT!!!! Jared was way overprotective of Sam in this book, which annoyed Sam, but he totally had his reasons and it made him even more swoon worthy. And of course Sam was still her same badass, outspoken, snarky self that I just loved.

A little different but the same idea, and I love it!!