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2013 Reading Challenge
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Falling For Nick - Joleen James 3.5 Stars
This really was an intense read. Mainly because the whole book the characters kept hinting that there was more to the story that happened 10 years ago, and I kept waiting to find out what it was. But for other reasons as well.

"How can you love him and kiss me like that?"


Ten years ago Robert and Clea and were an item. But when he left town, Clea fell for the town bad boy Nick and started dating him. Nothing is revealed until the end, but the night Clea lost her virginity to Nick an accident happened, leaving Nick going to prison for ten years and Robert's brother Danny dead. Soon after Clea found out she was pregnant, but Nick told her, when she visited him in prison, he wanted nothing to do with her or her baby. This left Clea heartbroken and extremely confused.

"No one sets me on fire like you do, Nick, but I have to marry Robert."


Now Nick's back, but Clea is engaged to Robert and is about to move to NYC for her career. Nick is determined to get Clea back and meet his son he has always wanted. Robert and Clea's mom are determined to keep them apart but little by little Clea starts letting Nick back in and encourages him to get to know his son. John isn't exactly all about Nick at first, but eventually he starts to warm to him.

baby John, I couldn't resist, this baby is gorgeous and matched Baby John's description perfect. I had to put him on. :) Nick's mini me.

There were things I really liked about this book and others that could have been improved a little. Mainly Nick, I LOVED HIM. I hated that he had to go to prison over what happened. I loved the twist in the end. I never saw that coming. Like, I suspected that one little surprise with Robert, more or less, but that last twist, whoa. Actually I knew something was up with the senator, every time he was mentioned I could tell something was up with him, but NOT what actually happened with him. The things I didn't like was sometimes, the story lulled a little bit. I also wish we could have had the whole conversation between Nick and Clea when she came to him while in prison. This isn't a huge deal, but it's a major part of their history and I kept wondering what all he said to her to push her away that hurt her so bad, and his thoughts after she was gone. But the major thing I was disappointed in was the ending. I wish there would have been an epilogue. It just sort of ended, and with the way things ended it left me wondering how it all worked out.


I feel like the story left a wide open opportunity for Billy's story. That would be cool and then maybe we could get a little more of Nick, Clea, and John. I do recommend the story. It was a nice read with intense moments. I was rooting for Nick the whole time, after all he had been through he deserved his own piece of happiness.

"I want you to remember how it was between us ten years ago. Remember the fire between us, the almost desperate hunger we felt for each other? Those feelings aren't dead, Princess. Like me, they've just been locked up. It's time to set them free."