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2013 Reading Challenge
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Outlaw - Nicole James
"This is where I belong. This is where I've always belonged."


"I love you. I'm not giving up on you. I knew the minute I first saw those eyes of yours that I was in over my head.


AHH, this book had me hooked from the very begining. It starts with Cole visiting with Wyatt about what appeared to me as "Biker Politics". One club is going to patch over the other brother club. Cole and Wyatt look up to see Chuck dragging a girl behind him handcuffed. Something clicks in Cole when he sees her and he's determined to help her. Angel is terrified. She's been kidnapped, sold, beat, raped, and the next thing she knows is she's being traded to Cole over an unpaid debt. She struggles to trust Cole, but eventually realizes he actually is helping her. They strike up a deal, he gets revenge on her abductors for her and she won't tell anyone what happened to her. But as time goes on they both realize they have feelings for each other. Both decide they want to see if they can make it work but a huge betrayal/misunderstanding separates them leaving them both thinking the other left. Years go by until they see each other again, but when they do that same pull is still there between them, the problem is they both are different people now with different lives.


"Nine days. That's how long it took for you to get your hooks in me, babe. And they were in deep. So deep I couldn't get free if I tried. And I tried. I did try. You were mine, Angel. But I was yours, too."

I loved the first half of this book, loved loved loved it. The second half I really liked just not as much as the first half. Don't get me wrong, Cole drops everything for Angel when she needs him most and I loved him for it, I just missed the excitement and danger the first part of the book had. I guess since I'm talking about negative things I also felt like a few ties weren't completely tied. Nothing huge, just whatever happened to the other club, did they end up getting re-patched and my major thing that got skipped over was some sort of confrontation with MACK!!! He completely betrayed Cole and Angel and neither one of them ever said anything to him about it. It was mentioned between him and Natalie but I sorta thought with the way Cole was in the first half of the book with Angel, once he found out what had happened with Mack he at least would have hadi a conversation about it. I mean because of Mack's betrayal Angel and Cole spent three years apart and he missed out on even knowing he had kids. Mack got off wayy to easy on this and it sorta ticked me off.


"Some news, a man gets from his woman, it's a moment in life. We havin' a moment?"

I definitely recommend this book. I had seen mixed reviews on it, some even DNF which left me a little nervous, but I really liked it. Cole and Angel were so good together. I loved how protective he was for her and just how much he was willing to do for her. I hated the three years apart thing, I was shocked when I got to that chapter and it said three years later. haha, I messaged my fellow buddy readers with a WTF message, lol. I've seen where there is a possibility for more from this biker club and I would love for Crash and Kilt boy to get their own story. :)