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2013 Reading Challenge
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Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning HO-LEE COW!!! What a ride!!!

For starters, I already wrote one review and saved it, but when I came back to make one small edit, it was gone. UGh, so annoying!!!!

Barrons Books & Baubles

Anywho, Now I can't remember all my brilliance from the first review, (hahahaha) so this one will probably be much shorter.

I did this whole series as a buddy read with Vika!!! It was so awesome having her there to talk out our frustrations with and believe me we had plenty. LOL, we also had Jill, Sultan, and Diana there to talk us through!!! Thanks girls, all of you, I really appreciate it and had so much fun doing this buddy read with you Vika!!!!

What frustrations? Well for starters, The minute Mac and Barrons met I wanted them together to fight whatever hell we were about to face. OMG, it took them for freaking ever to admit they really want not need each other. Obviously, Barrons needed Mac to help find the book and Mac needed barrons to teach her how to be who she was and about the world around her and his protection. But these two wanted each other just as long but neither would admit it. You talking about frustrating!!!! I got so freaking sick of dancing around the obvious I almost quit this series cold turkey. OMG, I was seriously annoyed. Of course when they did get together they were insatiable but you know with the world ending and all eventually they had to get out of bed. Sigh!!!

The ending, omg, the ending. So many things were surprising. Not as much as the two cliffhangers in book 3 and 4 to me, but still shocking. V'lane??? hmm, that made me sad. I really didn't see that coming with him. And poor Dani, out there somewhere, misunderstanding.

While reading this series, I found out there will be more. HAPPY DANCE!!! However, the way things ended with Mac and Barrons, if something comes to destroy that, ooo this girl could get ugly!!! I fought through 5 books to get to that ending, I will not let that go easy.

I have to admit, as much as I complained about being frustrated, I DID FEEL VERY STRONGLY during reading this book. All sorts of feelings, sadness, betrayal, lust, confusion, hate, happiness, sickness, disturbed. OMG, during one revelation in this book, I couldn't even wrap my head around it. I was disturbed and confused for sure.

So, since this book made me feel so much, and pretty much locked me down to house arrest, I no other option but to 5 freaking star it and I can't wait for the rest of the series!!!