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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Feral Sins - Suzanne  Wright "Love it giving someone the power to completely destroy you, and hoping that they won't."

So on my second read, I feel exactly the same as the first time I read it. I actually think I loved it even more.

Trey and Taryn

This Review from January 5, 2013. Doing a Re-Read before reading Wicked Cravings!!


First of all let me just start out by saying I can't believe I have let other books come before this one. OMG, it was soooo goood. Totally loved this book. Let me also say that I was supposed to be doing this book as a buddy read, but could not stop. I was hooked and could not put my kindle down.

Now, if you haven't seen my updates, this was my Trey...

I know, I know, Trey was supposed to have blue eyes, but every time I read a wolf book I automatically think of Alcide from True Blood. I think he fits this part beautifully. Trey was such a hot character. I loved his determination, and later his protectiveness and possessiveness. I loved how his character was written. He protected his pack and later Taryn at all costs. I also loved how naive him and Taryn were at not understanding and denying their "connection" from the very first moment.


Taryn is possible one of my very favorite heroine characters ever. I loved her smart mouth or bitchiness. She was sooo Badass!!! She was so tough and brave and even though she was different from everyone else around her it never slowed her down at all. Even when she had to complete bitches coming at her, she very appropriately put them in her place. I would love for her to be my bestfriend and would be terrified to ever be on her bad side.


This book had absolutely everything I love. The sex was SCORCHING HOT!!! OMG, as my buddy read partner Sultan would say "bring extra panties to read this". SHOUTOUT GIRL!!! LOL!!! I must say I was a little shocked at one point of Trey's thoughts. He acted very out of character with Taryn and his "sharing" but it was still really HOT!!! I loved the suspense and anticipation of the upcoming doom and gloom of possible war. Of course, there was that danger factor in there that I totally love as well. Like, I stated up top, I was hooked in the first chapter and just could not stop reading!!


I can't wait for the next installment in this series. I think I read that it's supposed to be Dante's story which only disappoints me because I want more of Taryn and Trey, but I assume it will be awesome, just the same. I can't wait for the five months to be up and think we need some kind of POV from Taryn and Trey so we know how they go through all of that...change. Of course I'm being cryptic so there aren't any spoilers, but I highly recommend this book to EVERYONE!!! :)