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2013 Reading Challenge
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Seducing Cinderella (Fighting for Love, #1) - Gina L. Maxwell Seduction isn't about actions. It's about control. I can make you do all the work-have you undress me, do a strip tease, even have you on your knees in front of me- and as long as I'm the one controlling the situation, you're actually the one being seduced."

"You're sexy as hell, Lucie, and I want to unwrap you to get to the decadent prize underneath. I want to learn you likes, your dislikes-to know you fears and your dreams-and I vow to peel back each beautiful layer until I discover everything about you."


This story was so good. It all begins when Lucie is working and her long time crush comes knocking on her office door. Lucie has been madly in love with Stephan for a long time and the way he's acting he's finally come around to ask her out. Just when she gets her hopes up the big dumb jerk asks for her best friends number. Caught off guard Lucie gives it and when he leaves she is left crushed. And just her luck her next patient shows up while she is having her crying jag.


Reid is pissed off, basically. He has an injury that has to be fixed in time for his championship fight. He is not pleased about being sent away from Vegas from therapy but when he realizes it's his best friends sister who will be doing his therapy, he puts his issues aside. After catching up Reid talks Lucie into an agreement. He will help her seduce the guy he walked in on her crying about if she will take vacation time and work on him as often as needed to get him back for his fight. At first this seems the perfect plan, but soon enough both sides start to have feelings for the other. Reid talks Lucie into getting a little "deeper" with seduction lessons, but then realizes he may not have made that proposition only because he felt she needed those lessons. Both start to fall harder and harder for the other but in the end Reid has a fight to go win and he's only helping Lucie out so she can get her guy, right??

"This is a sparrow. Unlike most birds, when a sparrow finds its soul mate, they stay together until the end of their life. Making them the symbol for finding one's true love."


I really like these two together, but both had confidence issues. Lucie thinks she's plain and boring because of the way a past relationship ended. It's left her scarred in a big way, and even though I could understand her thoughts on this for a little bit, it got a little annoying considering the amount of guys hitting on her, namely her 2 crushes. And then when Reid gave her his gift and she brought up Dr. McDouchebag, grrr, that made me mad at her. Reid has plenty of confidence, but his parents, mainly his dad, had ran him in the ground so much growing up, he constantly felt unworthy of Lucie. I could deal with his issues more because he also worried about how Lucie would deal with being in his way of life. But the way he treated her at one point was really heartbreaking and had I not had his POV too, I would have been pissed.


Those are things that got on my nerves but didn't keep me from liking the book. I would have liked a little more interraction with Lucie's brother. I figured there was going to be a storm when he found out about Reid and Lucie, but that never happened. OF course this was a short story so that explains why. I thought Reid and Lucy were HOT HOT between the sheets, and I loved all of his seduction lessons. And Vanessa was a awesome best friend to Lucie and I can't wait to read her story. :) Overall a really good read especially if your needing something quick and steamy. :)