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Picture Perfect - Ella Fox "I've been waiting on you forever sweetness, but you're more than worth the wait."

Meet My Flynn Rand...

I love a good Ella Fox book, and this one was no different. So I started this book a week or so ago in between buddy reads. I didn't realize until I had started it that I was supposed to buddy read it as well. So, I had only gotten about 6% in, but was already hooked, so me and my girls went ahead and squeezed it on in, and I'm so happy we did. Actually Vika and I got together today and made a Family Tree for the whole family. :)

"I was so f*cking lonely before you baby, but now I understand that my soul always knew you were out there. I love you more than life itself."

The story begins with Flynn waking up disoriented. There's 3 naked women in his bed, 7 condoms on the floor, he feels like his cock has went 20 rounds with a bull, he's not sure what city he's in and to add to all of that he's hungover and due to play a concert in a few hours. He's tired of this life he's living and ready to settle down. The rock star life has been everything he wanted it to be but now he just wants out and to live normal. That night he's prepared that the concert he gives is going to be crap and he honestly just doesn't care. But then a girl in the front row with chocolate brown eyes inspires him to play a good concert for her and change his ways. Though that doesn't stop him from getting massively drunk that night and forgetting the reason for his sudden change of ways, all he knows is the next morning he has a new nickname and he wants to change.

Tessa Hamilton...

Tessa has been a fan of the Renegade Saints for as long as she can remember. The night that Flynn Rand stood on stage and sang directly to her for three hours is a night that she has never forgot. That night changed her as well. She has since been so hung up on Flynn that she compares every guy she dates to him, which leave them all appearing to be less than stellar. Little did she know Flynn was about to make her the offer of a lifetime.


Flynn and the guys have decided to do a goodbye tour. They hire a band to open up with who will later be signed under their new label. That's where Tess and Flynn's paths cross again. Automatically when Flynn sees the pictures Tessa has done he realizes they are awesome and they should hire her to be their tour photographer, but looking at the photographer herself he feels this familiarity to her so strong he can't stop thinking about it. And he can't wait to meet her in person.

When these two meet they both instantly feel a huge attraction to each other. A pull that neither one had ever felt before. Flynn knew instantly that she was the one. But Tessa wasn't so optimistic on that feeling. I loved how both wanted the other to know that they weren't what the other was used to. Tessa didn't want Flynn to look at her like she was just another Groupie, while at the same time Flynn didn't want Tessa to feel like he thought that was what she was. I loved how Flynn confided in his dad and how close their relationship was. Not to mention the lengths Flynn went to, to prove to Tessa that she was different.

"I promise you that I'm not trying to fuck and run, Tess, but YOU aren't sure of that yet. You also don't fully know that you can trust me. I know that I have to earn that trust. This isn't a fling so it's not something that I have any experience with, to be honest. You're different, sweetness. For you, I want everything to be just right."


I absolutely adored these two together. They were 100% open and honest with each other about most everything. And that proved to be the best part of their relationship seeing that when they did hold back or put up walls they would instantly drift. Once they made the decision to be together they were insatiable. AND IT WAS HOT HOT HOT. Ms. Fox knows how to write some hot scenes and at this point I have read all of her Hart books and these scenes were scorchers in this book. KUDOS, MS. FOX, KUDOS!!


"There are a thousnad things we're going to do to and with each other babe, and I'm looking forward to every one of them."

I also loved how this series ties in with the Hart family series. I have loved that series and get a cameo of that family in this book was amazing. I knew it was a spinoff but it didn't change the fact that I loved seeing them tied in with Flynn and his family. Speaking of Flynn's family, OMG I loved his gram and her hilarious bluntness and of course her twitter account.

(a text from Flynn to his dad about Gram)
She scares me with that Twitter account. Last week she put up a pic of me naked in the bathtub when I was a baby. #myprecious I swear to god I choked when I saw it. All the gossip sites copied the pic too.


I'm not going to deny, that this book is about a rock star and his band and their retirement. To me, there wasn't a whole lot about that in the book. The first half of the book was all about preparing to go on the road and I was really looking forward to reading about some of that and it was sorta just skipped over and that was a little disappointing. And sometimes Flynn was a little over the top with how fast he was falling for her and making plans, but being in his POV really helped with that and seeing how strongly he felt for her. He had found his happily ever after and was just ready to start it, which was really sweet. Just would be sorta overwelming if in Tessa's shoes. :) There were also a few editing issues, but nothing that was a huge thing I couldn't overlook.

I look forward to the next book which is supposed to be Cole's book. I'm certain it will be HOT HOT, but honestly I can't wait to read about Gavin and Tyson, because they seem like hard shells to crack and I love reading stories about guys like that. I recommend reading the Hart series before you jump into this one, only because the two tie together and without the first you may get a little confused, but none the less, I definitely recommend this book. :)