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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Willing Victim - Cara McKenna *HOT READ*HOT READ*

WOW, this was a hot little story!!

Laurel is sitting on a bench one day trying to get some reading done. A couple right down the way keep arguing keeping her from getting into her book. (Don't ya hate interruptions when you're trying to read?) Just when she is about to call the cops to report the disturbance, a man walks up and forces them to stop. Instantly, Laurel is intrigued by the stranger, so much that she catches up with him, offers to get his lunch and then even asks him out on a date. Flynn thinks he's not her type so tries to discourage her but Laurel isn't having that and agrees to meet him at a location of Flynn's choice. Laurel's career is sorta in the crapper, her life has taken a complete different direction than she expected so she is determined to see what Flynn is about, no matter what.


Flynn actually isn't your typical guy. He's a construction worker by day, boxer by night, with a sexual appetite to boot. When she discovers what Flynn's night "job" is, she is even more intrigued, When she catches him kissing another woman she is afraid she has read Flynn all wrong. But the woman explains a few things about her and Flynn's relationship and invites Laurel back to watch Flynn and Pam in action to decide if she still wants in on this deal. Laurel can't believe herself when she actually goes, but what she sees she can't deny that she likes and she wants to experience with Flynn 100%.


This book was so hot. Everything Flynn does is sexy. The way he speaks, the things he says, and even his story. I actually really liked Laurel's character. She did a few things I would never be bold enough to do, mainly, to me, Flynn seemed standoffish, he warned he doesn't do the boyfriend thing and Laurel sorta just squirmed in there anyway. It was really sweet the things she did for him and I loved how he was open for her to go ahead and let her do those sweet things for him. I would have loved to have a little more in the end, just because I felt the story got to a good place for them and it leaves you hanging wondering where they will go from there. This really isn't a huge deal, I always want a little more to every story, I just really liked where this story was headed in the end.


Overall this story was about 2 people who have lived hard lives and have a certain preferences. Flynn doesn't think there is anyone out there that could possibly understand him so he keeps people at a distance. Laurel's life has never been easy, but with her derailment she is trying to find her way. It was a really good read, and perfect to fit in between longer novels.