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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire Even though we'd put each other through hell, we'd found Heaven.

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I read Beautiful Disaster back last year, probably late Summer. I really should have re-read it, because I remembered liking Abby from her POV. My fellow Smut-ateer, Vika, had said that Abby was...bitchy in this book, but all I could remember was liking her and wondered how I could feel different about her seeing that it was the same story but from a different POV. Well, Vika, I finally got what you meant, OMG, she came across like such a bitch from Travis' POV. I could vaguely remember the why's of her actions. She was trying to protect herself so therefore kept Travis at arms length, but from Travis' POV that totally made her seem like a bitchy, moody, sometimes even a little selfish twit. It actually made it really hard for me to read.


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OKAY, OKAY, I'll stop bashing on Pigeon. I don't hate her, she just really annoyed me in Travis POV.

"In another life, I could love you," Abby said. "I might love you in this one."

OKAY, so let me show Travis some love....

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I loved being in Travis' head. It really helped explain just how much he loved Abby. Reading the way he felt and then him getting shoved to the side was painful. I mean really most of this book was just painful for me to read because of the way Travis felt. When he fell he fell HARD but when he hurt he hurt even harder and he literally had me bawling like a baby at times. Yes sometimes his reactions were extreme and he wasn't perfect and made mistakes too, but to be in his head and read his conflicting emotions and to know how much he really loved her was just heartbreaking for me.

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"It's us, Trav. Nothing makes sense unless we're together. Have you noticed that?"

I just have to say I love all the sweet things Trav did for Pidge. He put such deep thought into everything he did for her. TOTO, and the new couch, all the roses, and her birthday party. OMG, and the rings, just incredible. I don't know how Abby resisted him. Not because of the gifts but the things he said, and all of his thoughtfulness. Even the thing with Vegas, he was only thinking about what he could give to her. From the moment he fell, everything he did, he did for Abby. Plus, he completely changed for her. All the booze, women, and even the fighting he was willing to give up just to be with Abby.

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Overall, I'm really glad I read this, I was a little disappointed that there wasn't much different scenes from Beautiful Disaster and some scenes were skipped all together. At times it seemed a little choppy, but I think the Epiolgue made up for all of that. However, I wonder...I've heard that Travis' brothers are going to get there own stories, if this is true when will there stories pick up?? The Epiolgue jumped ahead a few years, so will there stories continue right after Walking Disaster or are they going to pick up where the Epiolgue ended?? I must also add, I loved the Epilogue, but it seemed a little out of character for Travis to leave Abby and his kids for weeks at a time considering how clingy and possessive he had been of Abby leading up to the end. Just my opinion.

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I'm not bashing this story at all. I totally recommend it, I just think it would be an easier read to read both books back to back. That way you know how both sides are feeling, especially during certain scenes. That's my fault that i didn't, doesn't really effect my feelings for the book. Either way, read it, you won't regret it. I'd bet on it.