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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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At Peace (The 'Burg, #2) - Kristen Ashley "We're all lost. The best chance we got is to wander this life with the people who matter."




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I once again was on vacation during this read, but every chance I got to read some I devoured until one night it was 3am and needed to be up at 7am. Honestly, if you follow my reviews, you know that I am a HUGE KA fan. Thanks Vika, for introducing me to her work. I haven't picked up one of her books that I don't love and almost come to be obsessed with each new series. So with that said, I don't know what there is left to say for any of her books that I haven't already said over and over. Nobody writes stories like KA.

Joe (Cal) Callahan works security for the stars. So he is away from home for long periods of time. Violet is hiding. She has moved to nowhere Indiana next door to a seemingly empty house. She's struggling to move on with her life after her husband has been murdered, and she's left raising two beautiful daughters on her own. One late late night, it seems a party has started in the empty next door house. She goes over to ask if the music can be turned down, and her whole life changes.


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Cal feels something instantly, but he has things in his past keeping him from moving on with his life. But the two can't stop their attraction. But sometimes attraction isn't enough. Sometimes things in the past have locked people down so hard they can't get past it and have wholes in them that need to be filled. Cal and Vi both fight each other and different points. But when danger comes to Vi and her daughters door, Cal's eyes are opened and he realizes he will stop at nothing to keep them safe and even more.

"You're mine, the girls are mine. I'm stakin' my claim with you right now and, you force it, I'll do it with him too."


This story was riveting. OMG, because of the vacation I never could just sit and read. Which is probably good because I probably would have dropped everything else to get it read. AH-MAZING READ!!! I loved having more of Feb and Colt in the story, and of course little Jack. Vi's girls were absolutely beautiful. I loved how KA wrote them in this story. I couldn't get enough of them. Adorable. AND, OMG, I can't wait for Frankie and Benny's story!!! WOW, I'm already in love with them and just barely met them. CAN. NOT. WAIT!!! :) Oh, and Mike, OMG, I wanted Vi with him so bad, because well, he's such a good guy. He deserves happiness, he deserves someone like her, I just couldn't stop wanting her to be with Cal so therefore, I can't wait for Mike's story too!! I'm sure he will have his defenses up with what happened with him and Violet, and I JUST CAN'T WAIT!!!


"Every bit of it. Every day, every week, every year, every fuckin' second, buddy. Worth the wait."