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2013 Reading Challenge
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For You (The 'Burg, #1) - Kristen Ashley "Life lands blows you don't expect."

Meet My Colt
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"Romeo and Juliet, say they didn't die but Juliet got pissed and took off. Everyone would know it was Romeo and Juliet, would always be Romeo and Juliet, even if later Romeo hooked up with Nancy. No one ever heard of Nancy, doesn't even sound right, Romeo and Nancy. Everyone knows Romeo's meant to be with Juliet. Even if Romeo loved Nancy, Nancy would always know she was never Juliet."

and Feb..
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So, I'm not sure how this review will be seeing as how I love to write my reviews right when I finish the books and let my thoughts just run out. I finished this book the night before I went on vacation over a week ago. I had to be up at like 4 am so when I finished I went straight to bed and have been gone every since until now.

I absolutely loved this book!!! Like LOVED LOVED LOVED this book.

"Since I was three, there's never been a day when I wasn't in love with you."


Colt and Feb were soul mates. From a very young age they were together in one way or another until they were in a relationship. The whole town was rooting for them, and of course they were a match made in heaven. Colt and Feb's fairy tale ending came to a sudden holt one night though and it changed everything.

Years later, Feb has been basically roaming, just trying to find herself. But she comes back to her home town to help her brother take care of the family bar. Colt is around but they basically ignore each other at all costs and try to keep their distance, but when a psycho starts targeting people from Feb's past, they can't stay away from each other anymore and of course that brings them closer and closer.

Now, on a total unrelated note, 2 convicts escaped jail while I was home vacationing. A house on our street has been rumored to be owned by drug dealers, but has been empty for months. 6 undercover cops showed up and was investigating the property and I found myself hoping that one of them was Colt. I kid you not, the whole time they were there I could NOT keep my mind from thinking about Colt. That may make me a little crazy, but that is just the beauty of a KA book. It wraps you in and doesn't let you go, no matter what the situation.

Colt and Feb are in my heart forever. From the very begining, I felt the tension and angst from them and just wanted them to connect instantly. I loved how they were together, but at a certain part when all the how's and why's and came out, WOW!!! Heart meltingly awesome!!! KA does it again!! Every time I think I can't like any of her stories any more, I read another one and fall in love all over again.