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Nightfire - Lisa Marie Rice Mike



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I must say Mike's story was the story I was looking forward too the most, after being introduced to him in the first book. I'm not exactly sure why, just some reason I was excited about his story.
He didn't disappoint, lol.

This story starts out with Mike being a man-whore. Actually the first word of the book is "Harder". He's gone out to drown his sorrows. Sam and Harry has the perfect lives in his eyes. They both have beautiful wives and baby girls that have them twined around their mans fingers. Mike feels like he doesn't deserve that so gets hammered and picks up the first woman who walks up to him takes a drink of his beer and puts a hand on his crouch. SO, as he's slamming into her as she keeps begging for him to do it harder, he realizes she likes the pain. As Mike is anti-anything that hurts a woman it automatically turns him off and through his drunken haze he runs to the bathroom pukes because he is sick with his own behavior and starts getting dressed. The longer he is in her apartment he realizes what he has done. Stooped to the lowest ever. As a former marine and cop, he starts seeing filth, drugs, and the woman is screaming at him bloody murder because she wants him to hit her. He gets out and runs home all 15 miles.

Chole has been in the hosptial all of her childhood. Once she got out she was shipped off to school in London for reasons that would be a spoiler if I shared. She was never close to her parents growing up but when they are killed she comes home to sort throught their belongings and realizes just how much she really didn't know about them. Which brings her to her meeting at RBK Security. I'm sure the blurb gives off most of the details with this meeting, so I'll spill that Chloe is Harry's long lost sister, but wow, I had no idea how long lost she really was. She spills the beans and automatically she is welcomed into the RBK family.

That first meeting before Mike knew what was going down with Chloe and Harry, he already had her in his sights to help, but almost instantly he has this strong pull. They both feel it. By the end of the first day Mike has given her an orgasm up against a wall while her new found bro waits down in the car, made a date with her, and decided that she was his. But fate has a way of laughing in your face, and when Mike is called in because of a woman claiming him to be the man that beat her, he realizes he isn't good enough for Chloe, not to mention Harry has told him hands off.


Six Months later, Chloe and Mike are going crazy, because they want each other but neither will say anything about it to the other, but when danger comes right for Chloe, Mike decides that Chloe is now his and Harry be damned he is going to protect her and have her no matter what.


This story was so good. I loved Mike's character. He was a really good guy, but just lost. He had seen his parents murdered at the age of 10 and never got over it. He used sex and alcohol as way to block out the pain. But when Chloe came around everything changed. He wanted to prove he was good enough for her and even at times when he struggled with being enough for her he still couldn't let her go. Chloe was so sweet. She had had a terrible childhood herself in a different way only to learn it had all been a lie. She was strong in her own way because she kept going.

I must say, if this was the end of this series I'm a little disappointed. I loved how through the series we got to see Sam, Nicole, Harry and Ellen relationships progress. I felt short changed because this book just ended. Yes, there was an epilogue, but it didn't give a lot of insight into their lives. I mean it showed where it was headed but compared to how much more we had got to learn about how Sam and Harry lives went. I just felt jipped. :( Maybe it's me and my constant need to know more about my book characters it just sorta annoyed me a little because the ending was so abrupt.

Anyway, the series as a whole was a great read. It had been on my list for a while and I had been wanting to get around to it and finally did. Great romances, hot sex, and lots of suspense and danger. I really recommend it!! :)