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Eve AKA Ellen

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The second installment of the Protectors series, starts one year after the first book ends. It begins with a peek into Harry's childhood. Since witnessing the death of his little sister and mom he has grown up determined to not let innocent women and children be beat by nasty men. He has gotten stronger since the first book in the series mainly because of a mystery woman named Eve's music. No one knows who the woman behind the beautiful music is but her voice alone has healed Harry and that's all he cares about.

Ellen Palmer is running. She has left her home and job and gone into hiding. She accidently found out major secrets about her boss, and when another employee confirms her suspicions and he turns up dead the very next day she knows her life is in danger too. So Ellen changes her name and everything she does is on the Down low. After a friend tries to sit her up on a date and sees how freaked out Ellen is, she slips her a number that had helped her in the past and Ellen ends up on Harry's doorstep.


At first, Ellen doesn't even trust Harry. She was sit up to visit with Sam but he couldn't be there so Harry took over. Immediately Ellen starts questioning if she is doing the right thing by telling Harry all of her secrets. Including that she is Eve. With a major miscommunication, she ducks out and puts herself right into enemy hands. Harry barely saves her, but she does get shot and after days of being out and cared for by Harry she finally realizes he wasn't the bad guy after all. Of course her trouble is not giving up on finding her anytime soon.


I loved Harry in this book, he was so forgiving. He fought hard to make Ellen trust in him and when she finally did, they were so good together. The ending was really intense. And some of the things Montez and Piet did were just disturbing. I love the guys and how close they are to each other. I also loved getting to still be able to take peeks into Nicole and Sam's life. This series has been really good to read and I can't wait for Mike's story.