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2013 Reading Challenge
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Into the Crossfire - Lisa Marie Rice My Sam

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My Nicole


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I have been wanting to read this story forever. It has sounded good and even been downloaded to my kindle for months now. I was not disappointed.

When Sam and Nicole first meet, Sam is working undercover and he has gone total lowlife for his assignment. Hair and beard total grown out, filthy clothes, skipping on the shower, he is living his assignment. So he knows there is no way the gorgeous Nicole will ever pay him any attention. Nicole is scared as hell at the lowlife working in the office across the hall from her. Not only does he slack on being clean, he has huge muscles that he could easily take her with and a menacing scowl every time she sees him. But when Sam's assignment is completed he decides its time to make his move on Nicole. And she makes the task easy. One morning she has locked herself out of her office and Sam comes to the rescue. He makes her a deal, he'll open the door if she will have dinner with him. She really needed in that door so she agrees.

Clean, shaved, and dressed in an expensive suit Sam takes Nicole off guard. She had found out that morning that Sam isn't the lowlife she thought but in fact the owner of the Security company across the hall from her. She finds out on her date that he had been working undercover, but she also finds out that the man she has been afraid of is this sexy beast of a man that she is 100% attracted to. Nicole has no time for romance though, so she lays it out to him that things can't go any further than dinner. After Nicole spills her beans Sam realizes she's different than other women and he decides it's time he stakes his claim. Next thing, Sam and Nicole are speeding away from the resturant heading to Sam's bed. After a full night of romping and a godzillion orgasms both parties realize they feel something for the other, but that freaks Nicole out and she sneaks out the next morning leaving Sam asleep in bed.


All at the same time trouble is heading right for Nicole, and its a lot scarier that Sam.

I loved Sam's character. As a undercover Seal, he is ruthless. He even had to endure listening to one of the men he was spying on talk about taking a 12 year old little girls virginity by rape. That is why when Nicole first met him he was so pissed. He had to act like he was okay with that in order to get the proof he needed to bust the bad guys. He has lived a hard life and his main goal is to protect the weak, especially women and children. He falls in love hard with Nicole and fast. When he woke up with out her his worse fear was that he scared her or hurt her. The people that he cares for he will give up his life to protect, but if you are against him or trying to hurt someone that he cares about he will stop at nothing to stop them.

Nicole also was a great character. She had a life she absolutely adored but dropped it all to take care of her dying dad. She will stop at nothing to make sure that her dad has the best of everything until the moment he passes on. Her life was devoted to him no matter what the costs and even though she had lived a life of luxury previously, when it came to it, she worked hard started a company from the ground up, and provided for her family the best she could when times got tough. She made sacrifces and I loved her with Sam.

This was a really good story. I feel like I'm repeating myself so, I'm not going to drag it out much longer. It was an intense read with drama, love, and lots of danger. I can't wait to read the next book.