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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Color of Forgiveness - Madeleine Beckett I don't know if I can even explain my love for this book.

The begining picks up right at the end of Color of Loneliness. The author even gave a quick review before the story starts of that crazy cliffhanger ending, which was genius of her, IMHO.


In my last review of the first book, I admitted that I wanted to hate Dylan for what he did to Myra, but I wasn't convinced it was what it seemed. Dylan just didn't come across to be the Trent like douche that the ending left you thinking he could be. I'm so glad I was right. That's all I will say because I don't want any spoilers in my review.


Dylan has such a sad horrific past. I bawled when I found out what had happened to him, Sabrina, and Mel. Like going get the trashcan because the floor is littered with tissues bawled. I hurt for them. It explained so much about Dylan and why he had just pretty much given up on everything. I just wanted to wrap that man up in my arms and hold him and thhheeennnn, let him talk his dirty talk to me all night. YUM, Dylan was sooo yummy.

And Myra, sweet sweet Myra. I think she grew so much in this book. The main thing she did was learn to stand up for herself and stop running from her problems. She was so forgiving and understanding. I really loved her strength and compassion in this book. SO many things were coming down around her and she just kept her head held high and dealt with it, one day at a time.

Above all else, I loved Dylan and Myra together. WOW, they were hot in the sheets but so loving elsewhere. They were both scared...Myra scared to push Dylan to far and Dylan afraid of moving forward in life whatsoever, but they helped each other and it was just beautiful. There were parts I was frustrated with Dylan, but I loved getting his POV and understanding why he was being like he was being. I just got frustrated because he thought one thing but acted a different way. But, I got why he was struggling and tried not to hold it against him.


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SUSIE, can she be real?? I LOVED SUSIE!! She is the bestest best friend EVER!!! I loved her..."care package" she sent to Myra, and her letter, sooo sweet. She just seemed so real. With her inability to stick with diets, complaining about her husband, her hilarious stories, and awe I loved her sarcastic quirky attitude. PLUS, she has a huge obsession with Desmond her book boyfriend which I think lots of us book readers relate to.

This story was just amazing!!! I loved all the characters. The drama, the heartbreak, the ending, OMG the ending. I loved how the story completely tied up. IF you can't tell I just loved it all!!!
I look forward to reading more from Ms. Beckett as this was just amazing, and would like to thank her for offering me this arc of this beautiful love story.